15 Jan 2018


My hibiscus plant is blooming

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Poor people who have to work the whole week and on weekends the weather is bad. I made the laundry and put the bedsheets over the radiators to dry

Arthur loves to smell the fresh sheets and for a little nap the place is nice and warm. He didn't mind about the company.

As I couldn't go out, I did some filing in my computer and saved the 2017 pictures on my external  disk. Meanwhile Mr. G. took his bath and later when he returned into the bathroom he

found Arthur sleeping in it ! Crazy cat !

When Mr. G. watches his Quiz shows in the afternoon, I often watch a movie on my little computer. Arthur on my nap, doesn't mind that I take his back for a table.

And late afternoon when normally the non existing sun goes down I saw blue sky !! The first blue sky in at least 3 weeks if not more. I ran outside and took these pictures they will become history !

On Sunday I went with Chantal and another friend to Brussels. We wanted to see the exhibition about Pompeii.

It was very interesting (I will report in an extra post) but we were a bit disappointed we thought it was much bigger, the entrance fee even for seniors was very expensive for what it was.
But we didn't regret to have it seen.

After the exhibition we were thirsty and we went for a drink in the "Fallstaff" brasserie. It was built in 1886 in art deco style.

You can drink the Belgian beer here and also eat the typical Belgian dishes.

When we came out the day just ended and we could still see the Christmas decoration which certainly had been very beautiful. There were also some singers on the street.

We had all three spent a very nice afternoon.


Andrew said...

You will live to be very old as you are so interested in the world outside.

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a wonderful exhibition. A joy to see the cats having so much fun...

fredamans said...

Beautiful hibiscus!

Loree said...

I hope Arthur did not get wet in the bath :) I am sure the exhibition must have been very interesting. We had visited Pompeii on our honeymoon but it was so hot that I hope to go again when the weather is kinder.

Linens and Royals said...

Your hibiscus is a beautiful colour. I have 3 hibiscus bushes in my garden but can never find that colour. I don't think the Pompeii exhibit will ever come here but I went to the real Pompeii in the 1970's and like most Australians then went around with my mouth hanging open and being very impressed. Same trip I also (with a guide) climbed Mt Vesuvius, not sure if that can still be done.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your hibiscis plant is beautiful -- my favorite color scheme! Of course they grow outside here in Florida, which still surprises me (that and other plants that back home in Oregon, as for you in Waterloo, would have been only houseplants if you were lucky !