6 Feb 2017


It was a real lazy weekend.  My cable for loading batteries for my mobile and tablet was broken and I had to look for a new one. The shop where I wanted to buy it was packed. On the parking space was writen "complete". No wonder with this cold and humid weather people spend their time inside, espescially in computer, telephone, camera and household appliances stores. I went to a little shop near Nicole and bought it there. As I was so close to her home, I stopped and visited her.

She was happy to have some company, because she couldn't move, she had terrible back aches. Her cousin was there too so we had a lot to talk and spent a nice afternoon.

On Sunday it was the same. Fortunately I could visit and travel with my computer. So I supported a blogfriend who moved from Australia to Hong Kong and  another one whose cat was sick and she asked for advice. I don't know what I would do without computer although I have one only since 10 years.  I also baked a bread, big work, I just had to put flour, water and oil in the machine close it and push the button. Very hard work.

Sometimes it's nice to have a day like this. I found old bloggers, and read old posts which was very interesting.

We ended the weekend with Pizza and a  Midsommer Murder and helped Inspector Barnaby to solve his crimes.


  1. I am also a fan of Midsummer Murders, I too like to help Barnaby solve his murders.

  2. Lazy weekends are great. Especially if the weather is not so nice.

  3. We like Midsomer Murders too, they are always good aren't they!

  4. Oh I don't know what I'd do without computer, either. I'm sure I can survive but will miss all the convenience. I love the caption on the photo. Energy saving mode :-) :-)

  5. Lazy weekends are the best. Maybe that's why I like winter so much because it's the perfect excuse to stay indoors and be lazy.

  6. For me when it came to Monday. I couldn't be lazy...oh I'm so dis-pointed.
    Coffee is on


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