13 Feb 2017


When I opened the shutters on Saturday morning, it was snowing ! Snowing is a big word, a few watery flakes dropped from heaven, but steadily the whole day. In short it was cold and wet outside. Really not a weather to go out if you don't have too. So I did like last weekend, I put myself on "energy saving mode", with a jogging and didn't leave my computer desk and later the TV the whole day.

No, I forgot I spend an hour with Nicole on the phone, she was in the same state on top she is still ill with a cold and would have died for going out. She hasn't discovered the fun of a computer yet, so she doesn't know what to do with herself, if there is nothing to do in the household. In short the opposite of me.

I also googled for an interesting trip this year and found something, a cruise around the British Isles for 10 days ! Now I have to see the details. But dreaming while looking at the pictures, is also nice.

On Sunday it wasn't better ! I had taken a pill against the itches, before I went to bed, because I had got another red patch showing up after at least a month.  I put a cream on it and it went away after about 15 min. These pills apparently made me sleep until 9.30 and I dreamt confused stuff, of people I hadn't seen anymore since ages and places where I had been when I was 20 ! When I finally woke up I felt completely upside down, a strong cup of coffee made me feeling normal again !

I baked a bread, by putting water, oil and flower in the machine and pushed the button and then I folded the laundry I had done yesterday, and that was it.  I disappeared again behind computer and TV.

Mr. G. had been on the market and brought home a roasted chicken with mushrooms and roasted potatoes for our supper, which made cat Arthur sitting in front of the cupboard and meowing for at least half an hour, he smelt the chicken ! This was the only noise in the house (in the morning) !

and he is not the only one !


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - I hope the itches go ... a nuisance. The weather at the weekend was horrid - particularly Saturday - we had sleet here and who knows what inland! I had lots to do .. and always have books on hand to read ... and just get stuck into ... seems better today - I hope - the sun is out for now?! Cheers Hilary

Andrew said...

Bored when you have a good internet connection is hard to imagine. It must be very exciting when you get a nice day at this time of the year.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you feel better and the itching has stopped. We too had snow that disappeared as quickly as it came.

Mara said...

Snow in the Netherlands, but when I got back home, there was none to be seen!

Loree said...

Oh dear, hope you have nicer weather soon. A cruise around the British Isles sounds nice.

Anonymous said...

While you had winter, we had a taste of spring. Short-lived, but a pleasant reprieve. I can always find too many things to do. I need to stay home more! LOL It's nice to have an excuse to go into low-energy mode from time to time.