14 Feb 2017


When the weather is nice we often have spectacular sunsets or sunrises, I would say even more beautiful then elsewhere.

The sky can be from dark red to dark violet and sometimes with golden lines.

Very much appreciated when it is cold are snails in Belgium. There are stands on the markets which sell them, you get a plate with 6 snails and a garlic sauce.

Fresh rolls are called "pistolets" in Belgium. Only later I learned that this name came from a one coin pistol which was the money's name and a roll costed one pistol. Since then the name remained pistolets.

The nature is still naked and the trees and shrubs are waiting for their green dress !

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Fun60 said...

Interesting about the origin of the word for bread rolls. Gorgeous skies you are having at the moment. Looking forward to this week as the temperature is supposed to be rising.

Lady Fi said...

What pretty pink skies!

s.c said...

Must be a cold day for that sellers on the market.

Tamago said...

What a beautiful sky! The gradation of colors is amazing!
I've never seen snails sold on the stand. I thought it was something you see in fine restaurants!
Happy Valentine's Day today xoxo

Photo Cache said...

I love snails in white wine.

Worth a Thousand Words

Amy at love made my home said...

What incredible skies! so beautiful!

colleen said...

The sky is like a pink valentine!