7 Nov 2016


I had a quite busy Saturday ! In the afternoon Nicole and I were invited for a coffee and cake at a friend's house. Nicole had known her through a painting course and Mr. G. plays cards with her in a Whist group, that's why I know her too. She lost her husband 4 years ago and starts slowly to lead a new life alone. She lives in an enormous house with at least 6 bedrooms ! I would feel like a pea in a shoebox. We spent the afternoon together chatting, and then I had to leave because in the evening I had a supper with my Facebook group "Vivre à Waterloo" (living in Waterloo)

It took place in a Corsica restaurant and a band should sing and a humorist perform. The band was replaced by a singing couple, which was really very nice. They sang a little bit from everything, well known songs in French and English, from Rockn'Roll to Tango !

And here we are, I had taken Ilona along although she is not a member of the group, but Nicole couldn't come, she was too tired, because of her new kitchen which had been installed. The blond lady below is 80 years old and we call her "Queen Mum" she is such a funny lady and she danced more than all the others together ! It was a real pleasure to see that even at her age she still behaves like a young woman.

The humorist was very good and even had something nice to say about Trump ! We all laughed because in some way it is the truth ! "If Donald Trump becomes president of the united States, it will be for the first time in history that a billionaire moves into a public house which had been abandoned by a black family ! "

The evening went by too quickly with excellent food, dancing and a lot of laughter ! We left around midnight.

On Sunday I met with Nicole in the "Lunch Garden" the restaurant of Carrefour. There were a lot of people, because Sunday mornings there is a huge flea market on the parking space. We didn't make a tour because it was very cold and windy and we immediately went inside.

Charlie as usual watched over our meal, but at the same time checked from time to time if there wasn't anything "falling" from the table.

After lunch I admired Nicole's new kitchen and found it very beautiful. There are still little things to be fixed but the big work is done. We had a coffee together and then I went home, I had a lot to do with my photos I had taken from the Facebook people.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - sounds like a lovely weekend with good friends. A Corsican meal would suit me down to the ground! Cheers Hilary

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like such a lovely weekend. A wonderful gathering with friends is always good. Have a great week.

Andrew said...

The Waterloo Face Book group is such a great idea. Everybody looks so happy at the gathering. Midnight? I would die staying up so late for a social event.

Mara said...

Ah, scraps. Always good to wait for those! A very good idea Charlie!

Tamago said...

Sounds like you had busy but fun weekend! That lady looks much younger than 80 years old and she sounds very lovely!
I wonder if Charlie got a falling from the table :-)

Loree said...

You always have all sorts of fun activities to attend. My weekend was very boring compared to yours.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That's the best FaceBook group I've ever heard of!

Wendy said...

What an enjoyable weekend you had!