7 Mar 2016


Fortunately I have enough to do with sorting out my pictures and I have also started to clean out some drawers in the kitchen. The weather continues as bad as possible, it rains cats and dogs (the heaven must have a huge refuge) it's grey and humid and the doctor's consultation rooms are full.

So far we escaped the general colds and flues even the cats don't sneeze. Nicole's muscle strain which she had got when she broke a rip, is still not healed after 3 months and she suffers a lot The worst is she is a girl who can't sit still and that's why it lasts longer. The fact that Charlie also pulls sometimes when they walk together is also not ideal. So I went over to keep her company. She was busy with painting Charlie's portrait. It's not yet finished but it is real good. As she has a new remote control and another screen on her TV (she had changed the supplier) she asked me to show her how she could record movies. Our remote control is completely different and the screen too, but I managed to find the place where it was. To her surprise she had recorded already 10 films out of a series about rape and sex ! I teased her when I saw the first one and she was horrified and swore that she had done nothing. Nothing maybe not, but she must have pushed on the wrong button ! Now we tried to delete these series, no way ! They always came back. We laughed our heads off and Charlie wondered what we were doing. Finally we gave up. I told her to read the notice !

Charlie brought me his toy and asked to share the steak with him.

On Sunday I went to Ilona we wanted to see the carnival parade in her little town. I arrived through a potpourri of weather, I started with rain, continued with hail, then sun again, then snow and finally rain. We decided not to go and to catch a cold and getting wet.

Instead she lighted her stove and we chatted not about men or our sons, but this time about what happens in the world ! The invasion of refugees in Europe and then the elections in the States. Elections there are always funny to watch on TV because they make a real show which doesn't exist in other countries. It's like making a comedy movie. Every candidate promises the heaven on earth and people believe it. But this time it takes the biscuit, with a candidate like Donald Trump who seems mentally handicapped or bipolar.  How is it possible that people with a normal IQ take this clown for serious ?
It confirms money allows everything even a presidency ! Last time it was a 15 year old boy who wanted to be president, and that was also funny, but this man is a dangerous fool.

We came to the conclusion that we couldn't change anything, only hope that somebody has the guts and put him in a psychiatric clinic, where he belongs.


Mara said...

You should have come here: sunshine and warmth (5 degrees in the plus, but with the sunshine it feels about 8!) and no rain, hail or snow!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - I was in Stratford and Birmingham and Oxford .. and it was cold with, at times, snow showers. Glad you're still helping your friends out ... and keeping busy .. almost Spring .. cheers Hilary

Jo said...

Oh I love Charlie. And Nicole inadvertently recording those spicy movies. I don't watch or read the news: Grant informs me of all and it's all bad! DT seems like a right looney!

Loree said...

Hope Nicole heals soon. I am sure Charlie doesn't help. I know how full of life dogs like him are. Wishing you sunny weather this week.

Andrew said...

The steak looks nice, with lots of fat. There is nothing I can say about Trump. God save America.

Annesphamily said...

We have had beautiful weather and then they said Rain. I looked out my window and said "What the heck!?" snow falling hard like icy sleet but now the sun popped out. We are spoiled but I need some Springtime. Technology often baffles me and I feel like I need an engineering degree to watch a movie! CHarlie seems content and everyone seems to have colds or flu. Glad we are feeling much better. Praying for good weather as out youngest son comes home Friday for one week of Spring Break. He attends college in Kansas and catches a ride from his friend. I hope the weather warms up! I hope you have a great week and I always enjoy your stories here. Thanks for sharing.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I don't know how people with normal IQs are even thinking about voting for this horrible person. I can't even stand to be in the room when he comes on the news. I don't know what I'll do if he is elected. It is really sad to think what is happening to the Republican Party. I have always voted Democratic, but I have never absolutely hated anyone in the other party before. Before, I've always just thought "our" candidate was the best. I've probably been wrong a few times. Anyway, what is happening today makes me want to cry.

I do hope you know that we are not all fools over here. I just hope there are more of us who are not than those who are. It is very frightening.