10 Mar 2016


My best friend when I was 9 or 10 had a one year old little baby sister who had to go out for a walk every day. For my friend it was a burden for me a pleasure. I was the same age and was very proud when I was allowed to take little Anna out in her stroller.

One day I thought I will take her to a field where horses grazed.

There was a fence so that the horses couldn't escape. I have to say that at that time I really was terrorized by horses, I liked to watch them but from far, very far and I really don't know why I just choose this way. When we arrived at the field I showed little Anna the horses which were at the other end.

Suddenly to my horror, one of the horses probably thought I was there to bring some treats and galloped towards me ! I screamed and turned around and pushed the stroller as fast as I could. The horse had managed to get out despite the fence and followed me ! The picture must have been something for the hidden camera. Me running with the stroller Anna screaming and the horse behind us, it even tried to sniff at my head. It was a friendly horse, only I didn't know for me it was a monster.

Finally a man saw me running and the horse behind, he came over, stopped the horse and comforted me. He tried to explain that a horse is a nice and friendly animal, but I didn't really believe him. Meanwhile other people had gathered around us and comforted me and the baby, somebody informed the farmer to lead his horse back. I returned home my heart still beating at 100 miles/hour, returned Anna in her stroller back to her mum and went home.

This fear of horses lasted nearly my whole life, although I really found them beautiful. And one day I have no idea why the fear suddenly stopped, but I was already 60 by the time. Today I pet them talk to them and my wish is before I leave this world to once ride on a horse !

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Andrew said...

I can't say I fear horses, but I don't trust them. Won't they bite or kick you? Their eyes always look so wild.

Jo said...

Oh what a picture that must have been! I never had a bad experience with horses but to this day I'm still afraid of them. I've ridden one my adulthood (in about 1997) for 43km across the maize fields and was blistered and bruised for weeks afterwards. But even though I photograph the one horse with all the cattle every day on the golf course, I'm still afraid of it (and any other horses) I cannot pet it - but I pet the cow. The horse the only living thing I'm afraid of; not spiders, not snakes (which I can lift and relocate to safety) or lizards or bugs; but HORSES. Oh, but I loved your post. Have you ever seen Anna (or her sister) again? I wonder if that child, now an adult, fears horses??

Anonymous said...

I fear horses a bit too... Lovely shot!

carol l mckenna said...

Delightful story ~ can only imagine your fright ~

Happy Weekend coming to you ~ ^_^

Jim said...

Those are pretty horses. You had quite a scare. Some horses you can't trust, Gattina. When I was about eight or nine I got kicked in the back by a horse. I was approaching her, she was supposed to be friendly, to get her going into the barnyard from the pasture. She whirled around and kicked me good, I was in bed for almost a week and have had back problems ever since.
But when I started high school it was too far to ride or ride my bike, about three miles away. So I rode my horse to high school for two years. Then I switched to town, was 14, and could drive (but only to school and back home).

Loree said...

What a sweet story. I am so glad you are no longer scared of horses. I only rode a horse once, in Mexico, It was not very comfortable but it was still enjoyable.

Betty said...

I hope you get to ride that horse in this lifetime!

I suddenly developed a fear of flying around 45 or so. I was terrified every time I flew and I knew it made no sense. I was flying on nice airliners and earlier in my life (in my 20's) I had flown on a US Navy HU-16 aircraft and didn't think anything of it. The Navy used it to fly people back and forth from our base in Sicily to Naples. I flew on it a number of times. Google HU-16 aircraft and you'll see what it looks like! It's a plane that can land on water and isn't very big. Anyway, I found an online course for fear of flying and I did get over it eventually, but there were a number of years when I was absolutely terrified every time I walked into the airport and got on a plane.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

That's how fears go. In time, when they're ready to leave. I hope you enjoy your ride when your ready to take it. :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Anonymous said...

How scary! I do hope you'll get to ride one someday. It's been years since I've been on a horse. I do confess, I smiled at the image of you running with the horse behind you.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Good thing that baby girl couldn't talk -- she would have told her mother about that wild ride you gave her!!!

Oh I hope you do get to ride a horse someday!!! I used to be afraid of everything and its shadow when I was a child. Not so much now. Thank Goodness!

Judie said...

What a great story, Gattina! I don't have a fear of horses, but they certainly are BIG!! I have ridden a few times, and once went on a sunset trail ride when we lived in Tucson. It was a long ride, and when I finally got off, my legs were like jelly! Here on the coast, people ride on the beach. It really looks like fun, at least from afar!

Jenny said...

I could see the vision of this so clearly in my eyes. Anna didn't realize how close she came to being attacked. I've been afraid of horses my whole life. I have promised the oldest Grandlittle I will go for a trail ride with her and hopefully that will cure my fear!

Thanks for warming my heart with this story for week 17.

You are a gem.