18 Jan 2016


For the first time this year it has snowed !

When I opened the shutters, the world was white ! This view is rather romantic, but in town it's a dirty mess ! The salt they had spread had melted the snow and the borders of the streets had a hill of dirty snow, not to speak about the sidewalks !

As usual the whole traffic broke down, highways hadn't been cleaned in time (although snow was announced) and it took people until 4 h for 20 km to Brussels.

I wanted to buy a new headphone and as the store was close to the Lion I took a picture of the mount in the snow. It even looks more sad ! There was not a single person, because the restaurants and caf├ęs are not there anymore.

We had our theatre piece organized by the Waterloo city for seniors and it was absolutely hilarious. We really had a lot of fun. When we came out it started to snow again and instead of having a drink in our Pub "La Pomme" we returned home because it became too slippery.


Anonymous said...

...here also!
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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - we had a bit .. but it went by yesterday .. so no excitement - cheers Hilary

Mary said...

The snow is beautiful! Here, they put stuff on the road before it snows. It melts the snow/ice. Of course, they have to time it just right.

Fun60 said...

I enjoyed seeing the covering of snow yesterday but it didn't last and soon melted.

Loree said...

The snow makes everything look so pretty - until it gets dirty.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I like looking at snow ( in pictures;)). Were you in that play or in the audience?

diane b said...

It must be nice to open the shutters and see it all white. Sad about the chaos on the roads.