13 Nov 2015


1. The week started as usual with aqua gym and this time to our surprise we had a young man who did the exercises with us. Our usual teacher was sick. So we oldies hopped  around the youngster and we had a lot of fun. First he was so careful with us, that we told him that he could accelerate the speed a bit !

Autumn is there now and in the garden there was this machine to collect the leaves.


Mr. G. had his card playing afternoon and Dominique and I had enough of sitting at home so we went for a drink to the Mont St. Jean farm on Waterloo's battle field. It's very cozy in there and the leather sofas are very comfortable.

3. For my cats litter I have to go to Lidle, as they only like this litter, it suits me well because it's very cheap. Ilona doesn't live very far from there so I visited her and we spent the afternoon together while outside it was quite stormy and the leaves flew through the air.

4. Our trip to Hourgada at the Red Sea in Egypt is approaching and Nicole had invited Chantal and me for tea just to discuss and plan what we would do and take along etc.

Mr. Charlie waited for crumbs to fall from the table !


Nicole had inherited some antiques from an aunt and wanted to sell them. For this purpose we went to an auction house for estimation. A young guy received us, we had taken an appointment, but he didn't seem very sure of what he saw, he had to ask several times somebody else. So we weren't very inspired by his services and left the auction house with Nicole's stuff again. Now we have to look for others or for antique dealers.

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Jo said...

Oh how I love Charlie. Skabenga learned to beg very early in his life, but he never gets any tidbits. The older dog, Eddy can have scraps but not him! He just lies and snores (!) on my feet as I eat my lunch. I love seeing Charlie. Oh no, that young man at the antiques place sounds a bit out of his depth. Glad Nicole will rather try other options.

Barbara H. said...

That's disappointing when the guy you go to for expertise doesn't know what he should. Hope your friend can find better help. That's funny about the younger guy at the aqua gym being so careful. We're seeing a lot of leaves on the ground here, too - I kind of like how they look. Most people here use leaf blowers to push them all into one place.

nikkipolani said...

You've had some very nice visits, Gattina. I enjoyed seeing those pretty fall leaves. My roommate remembers living in Belgium -- she would not be looking forward to those wet and cold days! Good thing you are bound for Egypt soon.

Fun60 said...

Off to Egypt. Assume you can still get a flight as they have been stopped from the UK until they sort out security at the Egyptian airports!

Mara said...

I could imagine a holiday in Egypt or any other warm place right now. It is blowing a gale outside here and there is a lot of rain as well. Some warm weather would be nice.

Susanne said...

Holiday planning is so much fun! You ladies will have a lovely time! Our leaves have been all gone for a couple of weeks now especially with the gale force winds we had for a couple of days. Funny about your aqua class. And hope your friend finds someone to buy her antiques.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Busy week ..mostly fun. I hope those were smallish antiques you are lugging around.

Willow said...

You certainly know how to keep busy with exercise, visits, and drinks out.

Gracie said...

Are you still goign to Egypt?