5 Oct 2015


This weekend I was very busy with the exhibition of our painting class. Our group was part of the "parcours des artistes" (path of Artists).

We were all invited to the vernissage on Friday evening. It took place in the Cultural Center of Waterloo.

After the usual speech we were offered sandwiches and Champagne and then walked around to see what other Waterloo artists had created !

Saturday morning at 11 am, our exhibition opened its doors. We all had worked hard to make it presentable and I think it was a success.

The very first visitors were the President of the Social Services and Mr. G ! We posed together with them.

I stayed there the whole day until 6 pm together with our teacher and of course others who watched over our master pieces. There were quite a lot of people in the afternoon, and one sold a painting and was very happy, she had never sold anything so far !

I met some women I hadn't seen for ages with whom I had been at Art School. They recognized me immediately and called me "Madame Chat" which means Mrs. Cat, as I mostly painted cats !

Of course we didn't forget ourselves and sat in a corner, chatting and drinking coffee and late afternoon Nicole appeared with wine ! 

On Sunday there were quite a lot of visitors.

We had installed  a little corner for ourselves, where we chatted or gave information to the visitors. Charlie of course was also allowed to join us in the afternoon. He was a real diplomat and didn't show any preferences for a painting. Of course we had a lot of fun and the whole exhibition was very cheerful

Discussing and looking at the paintings ...

and then suddenly it was 6 pm and we had to dismantle the whole exhibition. Surprisingly it was done in no time, we worked together as a well organized team.

Happy and tired I returned home. The exhibition had been a full success !


  1. Hi Gattina - so glad the exhibition was a success ... it's worth the effort of putting one on- to go home contented and exhausted! Cheers Hilary

  2. It looks and sounds wonderful. Quite a bit of work putting it on, but what fun too!

  3. Congratulations on a successful exhibition! I like your corner with even a dog art admirer! Have a great week. Jo

  4. You looked very nice in the photos.

  5. That must have been so much work to mount and display your paintings. So pleased it was a success now I think you need a bit of a rest.

  6. That must have been fun. It;s nice that Charlie was also allowed to visit the exhibition. He must be a very well-behaved dog.


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