22 Oct 2015


Since two weeks I have started to read my blog from the beginning in 2006. I noticed two things. My English has improved and I am always talking about the weather. My posts could help to calculate the average weather during the years of 2006 til now.

Mostly it rains in my posts, but from time to time there is also some sun shining through. Anyway in this season I always complain, it's wet, cold, humid, just a weather to hang yourself on the next apple tree, but I have none in our garden.

My cats Rosie and Arthur are my weathermen, they jump on me during the night with soaked fur and this way tell me that it rains again, this also makes me very happy.

The weather is and has always been the best introduction for a conversation. If you have nothing to say talk about the weather. It works everywhere, in shops, hospitals, public transport, administration, dentists, doctors etc etc. You only have to start with "Phew it's hot today" or "Phew is it cold today" or "Phew it's pours" ! and you get an answer immediately.

For the moment I am not in a very cheerful mood. Therefore I am talking about the weather !

Jenny Matlock
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Andrew said...

I think the weather as a conversation with a stranger is the same all over the world. It is a safe subject. 2006 you started. That is lot of words coming from your mouth.

carol l mckenna said...

Fun post for W ~ yes New Englanders love to talk about the weather because it is always changing from moment to moment is the feeling ~

Happy Weekend coming your way,
artmusedog and carol

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

It looks like "El Nino" may be giving us lots to talk about with the weather the rest of the year.

Patti B said...

Being from Florida most of our weather conversations start with "it's soooo hot!" We joke that winter only lasts for 2 days! Thanks for sharing this fun post.

Loree said...

Well it's a good thing that you don't have an apple tree :)

Gracie said...

I found out the same thing, my english is far better than it was before starting to write my blog. Practise is always the best, right?

Linda Eugenia Denise Brin Korbetis said...

I am not under weather today,
thus I feel happy to see you fair at W word.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Yup. The icebreaker in our area is "I hope it'll rain soon." Here's my favorite 4th grade joke for you, Gattina: What colors do you paint the wind and sun?

Answer: The wind blue and the sun rose. :-)

The View from the Top of the Ladder

Anonymous said...

The weather--I do the same thing, it comes in quite handy. Hope your mood has brightened. :) 2006, you've been at this awhile. That's some track record.

Linens and Royals said...

Sunny and warm here today so my mood is not too bad. I have been blogging since 2009 and I don't think my English, spelling or punctuation has improved at all and English is my first and only language!!. Your English is great, I need to go back to school.

Annesphamily said...

Maxine is always fun for a bit of laughter. The weather has been weird everywhere. Of course, I can not complain because today marks the anniversary of a blizzard we had with over two feet of snow. People were stuck everywhere. I like snow to see it's beauty but I dislike the cold and bitterness of winter. Ah...but it is coming very soon. Always wonderful to stop by and say hello. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Eden House News and views said...

hi well weather is like death it cant be avoided unless you hide in an underground house
I love autumn for its colour and preparation for winter
I can cope with any weather if dressed properly its when we get unexpected weather like rain and im in shorts
loved your blog