5 Jun 2015


1. The passing away of my English friend had made me so absent minded, that when I arrived at my aqua gym, I noticed with horror

that I had put on two different shoes. I had been so busy to check that the house and windows were closed, that I didn't realize. Usually Mr. G. takes care of that, but he is on holidays to visit his sister in Italy.

2. Once again the Waterloo city had organized a very nice trip for its seniors, this time to Thuin, a little town in Belgian Walloon.

We visited a tram museum, the hanging gardens of Thuin, a castle and a Distillery where we also had our lunch. We had all a lot of fun !

The lunch too was very good, we got an artisanal paté, as starter, followed by chicken with mushrooms and an ice soufflé together with white and red wine, and a coffee. Fortunately we didn't have to walk during our tram ride, because we all were full !

3. As Mr. G is away, I don't have to cook and instead went with a friend for lunch in the "Asian Garden".

4. My cat Pookie who approaches her 17th birthday, made me mad with her meowing the whole day. So I went to the Vet with her and now I have an appointment for taking out the last teeth. Apparently the meowing is normal with old cats because otherwise she is in good health.  I got some homeopathic pills for her to calm her down ! I hope it works !

5. After my painting class, I moved my "office" outside on the terrace. The weather was wonderful and I felt almost on holidays.

Dominique saw me over the hedge and came over for a cup of coffee.

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Andrew said...

That is a nice thing for Waterloo to do. I wish my mother would participate in such outings. Homoeopathy does not work. It has been thoroughly discredited by all trials. I hope your vet did not recommend homoeopathy as it would be very unprofessional of him.

Sandra Carlier said...

Sounds you had great time on your trip ! And the weather is now at the rendez-vous since you are at your summer office ! Poor Pookie ! I hope the medecin will be good for her ! Hello to Dominique !

Dianna said...

Gattina, I have enjoyed my visit here with you today. I feel as if I've been on holiday. Your pictures are great!

Faith said...

that is awesome that your town does an outing for seniors! it looks so pretty there. i love your terrace! im sorry to hearsblut your friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your friend passing away. I ended up with two different shoes at a friend's funeral - she would have thought that was so funny.

Your trip sounds like such fun. How neat of your city to plan things like that.

Your terrace "office" looks lovely!

jennyfreckles said...

So sorry to hear of your good friend's death. What a shock and she was really still young. It seems every day we hear news of illnesses and deaths - I think we are just reaching that stage of life. :( Hold on to all the lovely memories and be gentle with yourself - even when you wear odd shoes!

Mara said...

My shoes are all so different and I only have so few pairs, I would probably notice something. Mind you, if my mind would be elsewhere, who knows what I would put on!

Glad the puss is okay. Wuppie would have been 17 this year as well. I still miss him!

Loree said...

Poor Pookie. Hope she will calm down soon.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So happy for your good weather at last. The Sr trip sounds and looks wonderful.

In our house, we always put our shoes by the front door and one day I left for work wearing one of my shoes and one of my daughter's (she was a teenager); both white sandals, but totally different design. I got on the bus to go to work and noticed it too late. So had to go all day at work that way .... at least you waited until you were retired to get all eccentric (easier to explain at our age than it was for me back then ;))

Susanne said...

Our 18 year old cat yowls on a consistent basis too. The vet said it was age and behavioral and like your Pookie, otherwise she is in great health for her age. I'm very sorry for your loss of your friend.

Willow said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend in England.
I loved your comment about your neighbor seeing you over the fence and coming over for coffee--I love neighbors like that!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I imagine you have another pair of shoes just like those at home! ;) It's nice to get outside!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've lost your English friend.

Sounds like you're otherwise enjoying the week with sunshine and a nice time out. And no cooking :-)