20 Apr 2015


On Saturday morning I took out the bread of the bread machine and it looked like a pancake ! Unusable, it was hard like a stone. I had noticed lately that the machine didn't do it's job correctly anymore.

A decision was quickly taken ! I bought a new one a little bigger than the old one, because I had to bake nearly every day as Mr. G. is a big break consumer. He eats bread with everything as they do in Italy. In a restaurant you will always get bread, olive oil and salt, to eat before the meal arrives. I tried it out in the afternoon, and while I was chatting in Ilona's garden, the bread baked and when I came home I was very happy with the result ! It was just perfect and tasted very good.

I also trimmed some bushes growing in our rock garden into a more round shape. Of course Arthur had to supervise my work !

On Sunday morning I went to the Brussels Midi Market to buy some shirts for Mr. G and for a friend, unfortunately I didn't find the one's I wanted.

While I had a coffee on the terrace, I saw this gentleman drinking a huge glass of beer together with 3 glasses of wine. I hope he returned home safely. The market was full of people, the sun was shining, but the temperatures were rather cool !

In the afternoon Mr. G's friend came for a visit and Arthur as always was happy that we had a visitor. He only was disappointed,  that he hadn't put on leather shoes, because Arthur loves to sharpen his claws on them. The friend knows that and now he always comes with basket shoes !


jabblog said...

I loved the bit about Arthur and leather shoes - naughty boy:-)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love the bread they serve at Italian restaurants with olive oil in a saucer. Sometimes with salt, sometimes with balsamic vinegar (that's my favorite). So delicious. We aren't Italian and otherwise never eat bread with our meals. But I could make a whole meal on that bread. (However I never do... I eat everything in sight, just like I do wherever we are.)

Smart visitor to know you kitty that well!! Cute.

Loree said...

Arthur sounds like a very inquisitive cat :) And a bit mischievous too.

Jo said...

The Italian way of enjoying bread is YUMMY. I love it. Wow, I can't think why that elderly gentleman had three glasses of wine with his beer. Ergh! I also noticed immediately that Mr G's friend didn't have his leather shoes on! You can see the disdain on Arthur's face!