16 Apr 2015


When I was living in my own flat I was 23 ! I had enough to live with my parents where I never was allowed to invite my friends.

I was very happy in my little flat which had a bedroom a living room a kitchen and a bathroom. All what I needed.

One night I woke up switched on the light and saw a very big spider just sitting besides my slippers. I had never seen such a monster ! I got hysterical and didn't know what to do, I hate spiders, they are just so disgusting and I feared them. I got slowly out of my bed, made a big tour around the slippers and the spider, tiptoed into the kitchen, took my vacuum cleaner approached slippers and spider and put it on. The spider was quickly absorbed, but I didn't dare to switch off the vacuum cleaner I thought the spider would creep out again. I sat on my chair and waited leaving the vacuum cleaner on. I was so afraid it would come out again. After at least half an hour, I took the vacuum cleaner into the bathroom, closed the door and rolled up a blanket and put it on the bottom of the door. Then I returned to bed, still thinking the spider would come and creep on my bed.

The next morning there was nothing in the bathroom and I put the vacuum cleaner away before I went off for work.

Just when I left my flat I met my neighbor who lived above me and who was an old witch.

She was very angry and told me that she hadn't slept all night because I had done my cleaning in the night and on top with a vacuum cleaner. I please should clean during the day and not in the middle of the night !

I got the message, but did a spider get the message ??

Jenny Matlock


Cloudia said...

A slice of life story!

ALOHA from Honolulu,

Fun60 said...

Another of your amusing stories about your past.

Andrew said...

Funny story. I have always thought the battering and heat from the vacuum cleaner will kill the spider, but I am not sure.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I can just picture you sitting there next to the vacuum - it's something I would have done when I was younger!;

Mara said...

Fortunately I am not scared of spiders. If they are in my way, I might just put a shoe on it sending it to the eternal fly catching skies, but I might also take a glass and bit of cardboard, catch it and release it. And my uncle loves his spiders: they eat all the flies and mosquitos during the summer!!

Loree said...

The spider got you into trouble :) I don't mind spiders so much but I hate roaches.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. You certainly don't want to visit my basement. The spiders and I have an agreement that they can share that part of my home.

Annesphamily said...

The good thing about spiders is they will eat the other bugs! I am not a huge fan either but I loved your story. You share the best stories of your life. Have a great weekend.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A good story! I like bugs but not in my house. We get spiders and lady beetles in our Oregon RV and I am glad it has a built in vacuum system so it's quick to get rid of them.

Eden House News and views said...

I imagine spider lived and went on to produce the next generation
I also detest spiders

Rain said...

Oh, boy, anything with eight or more legs rises to the top of my "creepy/avoid at all costs list" Enjoyed your post !!!