9 Jan 2015


1. After the year's end festivities, school holidays etc, we all returned to normal life again. With these holidays in the middle of the week I didn't know anymore which day we were and took Wednesdays for Saturdays and even mixed up Blog posts, which is a crime in itself.

2. A friend of my painting class came for a coffee and we talked about Christmas and New Year's Eve, she too was happy that it was over know. And while we were chatting I discovered a Father Christmas, and angel and another Christmas decoration and even a little crib, which were in a corner and apparently had escaped my eyes ! I jumped up and put them away, out of my view !

3. Mr. G. after X reminders finally dismantled the light garlands in our hedge. Fortunately there were no children around, but anyway he swore in Italian.

On TV there was nothing else than reports about this terrible terrorist attack on the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (Charlie Weekly) well known for courting controversy with satirical attacks on political and religious leaders of all faith. Amongst the so far 12 victims, the most famous cartoonist Cabu and Charbonnier (Charb), Verlhac, and Wolinski, were amongst the victims, they fought for freedom, and against terrorism with their humoristic cartoons !

When Charb made this last cartoon, he probably didn't know how right he was ! 
It seems to me that we are centuries back to the times of the crusades, making war and killing innocent people in the name of God/Allah ! What a disgusting excuse. The Belgian Muslim community is disgusted and protests. They don't want to have their religion insulted and soiled by these terrorists.

4. As the weather was so bad and my toe had started to hurt again, I was locked in the house and spent my time with creating some headers for Blogfriends, sorted out all pictures from last year and put them in virtual files. I only went to Nicole to bring her back a tray which she had forgotten on New Year's Eve.

5. Our first painting class in this new year has started too. We have a new teacher, who is a very nice and friendly lady and fits perfectly into our group.

We also have changed the tables, instead of being lined up we are now sitting in a circle, which is much nicer. It was a very funny morning, besides drawing and painting we chatted about our holidays.

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Mara said...

I think I managed to pack away everything Christmas. Well apart from the plates and mugs and the books. My Christmas films will stay out year round!

Mary said...

I'm planning on de-Christmasing this weekend...I always wait until after Epiphany to stretch it out as long as I can!
Glad your new art teacher is working out! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the holidays but I was getting my days mixed up, too. It's nice to get a break from routine but it is nice to get back to it. I almost always find a few decorations I missed, too. I'm glad your new painting teacher is so nice and fits with your group so well.

diane b said...

Your new style art class looks like it will be fun.Hope your foot gets better soon.

Jo said...

Thanks for my new blog header! I loved it so much that I even (with your permission) used it as a Cover Photo on Facebook. I've had many comments and compliments on it. Sad about the terrorism acts. I love the new arrangement of your art class. Much more "together" Happy weekend to you!

A Lady's Life said...

As long as they believe in that book Gattina, nothing that comes of of their mouths can be trusted.
That book is a book of hate. Peace is only for muslims and every one else has to die or be taken over as slaves.
Thats on the very first page of the Queran and will always instigate jihad.
Here in North America they come and take over small towns one by one and tell you they will use your democracy and constitution against you. They do not assimilate.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The last sentence in your third point is so important. So many here don't stop to consider that these terrorists are the lunatic fringe of their religion, just as Christianity has its crazy fringes too.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Same thing happened to me not knowing what day it was over the Holiday weeks ... And like you, glad it is all over!

Gattina said...

It's a pity that so many people are just ignorant !

A Lady's Life said...

They are saying this today because they are scared but this was not the case a few years back when they told you they have time on their hands and going to use your democracy and constitution against you.
What is shameful is that people today have ears but don't listen to the true things they tell you. Islam is peace but the Queran on the first page says it is peace only for muslims. As long as people keep reading that book there will be no end to violence or terrorism and will force changing the laws of freedom.Its been going on for centuries. You look today and see they want free housing free this free that but who is going to pay for all this? It opens doors to destruction of the middle class and the elite will take over and slavery will ensue. We watch Europe but we don't want Europe here in North America.
This is the new world order coming to pass.They stopped talking now but I have seen with my own eyes and experienced how they live, how they respect and how tolerant they are and always were when it comes to other religions and people. This is no end. Only constant beginnings. Just look at Arafat and how many hands he kissed and how many lies he told and the Nobel Peace Prize he won and then turned around and went back to being a terrorist. This is just the way they are.
All I am saying is that it is nice to visit but don't overstay your welcome cause they will escort you out and then who has to come and bail you out????????

Gattina said...

I am honored ! I didn't know that you are such an important person to speak for whole North America !

Bill said...

So sorry for the sad news from Europe. May we never answer hate and ignorance with more hate and ignorance. No one suffers from terrorism more than other Muslims. It is a sad mess--the product of a few angry fundamentalists. With every attack they turn the world more against them.

Friko said...

Good to see that you are enjoying the new year already. I hope it will bring you much pleasure and many happy and active days.

Willow said...

We messed up our days too, forgetting what day was actually Saturday!
You are inspiring me to organize my photos from last year-- I hope it won't take me long or require me to have a sore toe. I hope yours is better now.

A Lady's Life said...
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Gattina said...

Sorry had to delete this comment it was a a post of it's own and had nothing to do on my blog !

Anonymous said...

Good for you to have all your holiday decorations put away! Our tree is still up- hoping to get it down this weekend! :)

So glad you are back to painting classes and that your new teacher fits in so easily in your class.