21 Nov 2014


1. I still didn't feel better so I decided to go to my doctor. The only problem was, that the good man after 40 years of taking good care of Waterloo people had retired and I found myself without. He had been the only male doctor I still had, all specialists I had replaced by women !

My neighbor had given me the address of her doctor who fortunately has her cabinet not far from my home, so I called her took an appointment and met her for the first time. I liked her at the first sight and my decision was quickly taken, I would take her. Now she has to ask my files from my "old" doctor which means 40 years of paper ! (He didn't like computers even when they became common) After she had examined me she told me that I am at the end of my miseries and it's not necessary to take other medication as the once I had already swallowed for a whole week. Now, she said it takes time to get fit again, for the time being I feel rather weak !

2. I took another appointment in our medical center for a blood test and went to Dracula's cabinet, where 5 small tubes were filled with my precious blood. Dracula  found me rather brave, he said that mostly men would faint when their blood is taken, that's why they are called "strong" men.

Now I have to wait for the results.

3. Running now on 90 % of my usual body capacity, I was glad that I could go to the theatre play which Dominique had booked for us already some time ago.

The theater was an old brewery which had been transformed into a restaurant, bar and theater. To get there is quite funny, you have to go into a parking and from there, there are shuttles taking the spectators to the theatre, as there is no parking space at all in this street.

The stage is somewhere in the basements, low ceilings and metal tubes above your head. The room is not heated so we all got red fleece blankets in which we wrapped ourselves and felt nice and warm and looked uniform !

Dominique and I choosing our meal

The restaurant was very nice and we had a wonderful meal, grilled kidneys with chanterelles, before we watched the play.


The play was making fun of the banks and the money they try to get from their customers. The bank was a French one, which had been taken over by an Indian bank and were now under Indian laws. The old lady who wanted to take some cash was stuck in the turning glass door because the bank opened only at 9 am but not French time but Bombay time ! When the Indian bank manager appeared the employees had to dress in Indian clothes. It was hilarious. We spent an excellent evening !


Mr. G. who would rather die then give up smoking bought himself a cigarette making machine !That makes a huge price difference ! As loving wife instead of ironing his shirts I spent an hour rolling cigarettes ! It's really easy ! You put the tobacco inside the little machine, and the empty cigarette at the end, push the whole thing together and it's done. Don't think now that I do this to become a widow earlier as smoking is bad for the health, which I know, so useless to remind me,  I did this only exceptionally, because I think during the time it takes him to make a cigarette he has no time to smoke !

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Andrew said...

The play sounds terrifically funny.

Vanessa Morgan said...

Theatre and a good meal... What's not to like? Have a lovely weekend.

Hazel Ceej said...

Wonderful meal and a play - not bad. I had some blood taken off my veins too this week. immigration-related stuff. Hope you feel better soonest! Have a great weekend.

Faith said...

I hope you're feeling better and back to your 100% self soon! I have to say....eating kidneys would NOT be on my fave list! lol. but my husband had them in England. I just eat chicken breast, turkey breast and fish. LOL

Tori Leslie said...

So happy you found a new dr and especially one you like. The rest of your faves are very interesting.
Nice blog, btw.

nikkipolani said...

Ah, the (not) joys of switching doctors. I wish you well!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. the play sounds good - and very funny - good food too .. love kidneys.

Glad the doctor is helping you .. smoking not so much!!

Happy weekend ... Hilary

Jhona Oberholtzer said...

I sure hope you continue to feel well so that you can enjoy more fabulous theater productions at full strength. Laughter is the best medicine! I enjoyed visiting here and thanks for the smiles. Blessings!

A Lady's Life said...

Men! Hard Heads!lol
My Fatherinlaw smoked Capstan tobacco in a pipe . I can't find this tobacco today anywhere.
Guess giving blood to Dracula was a good thing cause you look nice in that red cat shirt. Cats are symbols of guardianship and protectors so you are in good hands. lol

Barbara H. said...

I am sorry you haven't been feeling well - but glad you are on the other side of your illness and will hopefully be back up to 100% soon. The play sounds really fun!

Some Blogger blogs are not letting me comment through Open ID, so I have to use my Google account.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Willow said...

Yes, we all know about Dracula. My vampire is usually a woman, though. I have noticed the trend toward female physicians, even in surgical practices.

I understand your philosophy about making the cigs. If he's making them, he's not smoking them. :)

Susanne said...

You are blessed to have found a female doctor! I've been looking for one for years around here. There are female doctors but they are filled up even before they are practicing a month.

I don't know if I would be adventurous enough to try a kidney dish. Sounds like it was a fun evening!

Robyn Lee said...

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well but glad to hear you're on the mend now.

The play you saw sounds a lot of fun. I love live theatre!

I gave up smoking decades ago but remember those rolling machines...my late ex had one. The reason he's now late was the fact that he was a very heavy smoker and it affected his heart.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Play sounds so funny and dinner looks yummy. Laughter is good medicine they say so I'm glad you felt well enough to go.