16 Oct 2014


Letter "V"

For educational purposes, my father had decided that I have to buy my first car myself with my self earned money. Of course he would take care of all the rest what this vehicle would cost. Anyway with or without permission I had decided that I must have a car. I was 21 and wanted to be free and drive around depending on nobody, which was quite unusual in the 60th. My girlfriends were rather looking for the love of their life and marriage.

Learning driving was an easy thing in the 60th in Belgium, no driver licence was requested.  In order not to damage his precious car, my father hired a guy who taught me driving in his car which had two steering wheels and breaks. I learned very quick, as it was something which I wanted absolutely and as soon as possible.

When I was ready, I looked in the papers for used cars. And I found one ! A Fiat 600, in white ! I bought it right away. Now I was the proud owner of my very first own vehicle !

It was a special car ! When it rained I had water on the floor until my ankle. So I always had boots in my car, until a friend had the very good idea to bore a hole in the floor and then closed it with a cork. This was a perfect solution. When water started to get into the car, I just took off the cork, let the water run out and then closed it again. We called my car "Model Bathtub".

I had no other problems with my little car, until the day when I drove behind a truck which spat drops all over my vehicle. Of course I thought it was water, but unfortunately it wasn't. It was acid ! When I came home I saw little holes all over the car body. On the roof, in the front and in the back. What to do now ? I found an easy solution. I bought a can of white color and a brush and painted my car myself all over. It didn't look very nice, I had bought an opaque color, and the car didn't shine anymore, but at least the holes were gone.

My father was very upset about the look of the car and what people would think of him to let his daughter driving around in such an old and awful looking vehicle. He took the opportunity to propose me a deal. I should split with my boyfriend, whom he didn't like and whom he thought was not good enough for me and as consolation he would buy me a new Volkswagen. That was a deal !

What did I do hating blackmailing ? I accepted, got my new Volkswagen, kept my boyfriend of course, but a little more discretely. Everybody knew that, except dear father. I felt very good ! A few month later I anyway split with my boyfriend, but at least I had my car !

The new Volkswagen was very beautiful, but it was not the same, it looked too normal, not at all like  my little old self painted vehicle. 

Jenny Matlock
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Andrew said...

I think we only had Fiat 500 here. My grandmother had one. It was very reliable. Lol at drilling a hole in the floor to let the water out.

Dominique Goh said...

Those are really classic looking cars.. It's the first time that I am reading about cars getting flooded when it rains.. it must be a really memorable experience for you.

carol l mckenna said...

Delightful post and photos ~ glad you got your VW ~

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

ps. A VW convertible was my first car also. Fun car!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Nice trip down memory lane...everyone's first car should have quirks♪

fredamans said...

Great car!

Betty said...

That dripping acid sounds dangerous to me. It could have made holes in your skin if you had been outside the car. When we got married our first car was a Fiat, but when the kids started coming along we got a VW station wagon. Shipped it back to the states from Sicily and had it for quite a while.

Jo said...

As a child I lived in Southern Rhodesia. My uncle used to come and visit in a Fiat like yours. My brother, at eight years old, learnt to drive his car all over our small village roads! You're still independent. (Glad you lost the boyfriend and now have Mr G!) Have a great weekend. Jo

Susan Anderson said...

I bought my first car by myself, too. It was an Austin American…a little green one.

I laughed to read that your dad bribed you with a car. We did the same with our daughter, although she had to stop smoking, not break up with her boyfriend.


Linens and Royals said...

I love those little Fiat's. I first saw them in Italy many years ago and now they are here at a reasonable price and even with automatic gears.

Anonymous said...

My brother used to have the smallest Fiat. Finally in recent years I've seen some Fiats (in Los Angeles area).
Yeah - blackmailing seldom works in the long run, lol!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You go girl! Now and "way back when."

Your present car is a huge gigantic step up from the bathtub model!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

my first, rather the family's first was a Fiat 1100. We kids loved it, and I went to school in car, no longer getting wet in a motorbike.

Viki said...

Pretty clever gal. When I first met my husband, he had a VW. It was very small but a fun car.

Anonymous said...

What a great first car! Love your secret of keeping the boyfriend and getting the car. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?