28 Jul 2014


On Friday evening I have seen an event I had never seen in my life ! There was a gathering of thousands of seagulls circling over Eastbourne to catch flying ants. If there hadn't been the blue sky and the white seagulls it could have been a scene out of the Hitchcock movie "Birds" ! Then some of them landed in the front yard of the neighbor house. I filmed it was such a great natural event !

They didn't even make any noise, they just turned around in the sky !

Saturday morning I spent reading in the garden and took a little sunbath. In the afternoon we were invited to friends who live in a charming little village in a cute cottage house.

I knew them from last year and we were happy to see each other again. They have a very friendly white shepherd which they just have now for a year. She is  called Lilli and came from an animal shelter. There was a lot to chat !

Then we went for lunch at a restaurant on the beach and of course I had my favorite "Fish & chips" which were excellent. Coffee and cake we had later in their garden and we returned home quite late ! I was so tired from all this fresh sea that I dropped in my bed like a stone !

On Sunday we went to Eastbourne's seafront to watch the Morris Dancers

It was a real nice show and people danced with them.

We walked through the different stands and then bought sandwiches and something to drink and sat on a bench from where we could watch the festivities and the sea. It was a very nice afternoon.

My friend's cat Pusspuss helped me with my post !


Jo said...

Those seagulls were too busy gorging on greasy flying ants to make a squawk! What a scene! I've never seen Morris dancers and now you showed me (I heard about them before) I love the rescue dog Lili. She looks in good hands and of course you had to have a cat to help you. (Don't let Arthur see you have another helper with your posts! ) I'm off to SA starting with the first of three legs in about an hour. I'll be back online on Wednesday sometime. Till then, enjoy your holiday and keep well. (((Hugs))) Jo xx

Linens and Royals said...

Everything happens when you turn up for a holiday! Weird bird shows, Morris dancing and Lilli posing so prettily as if she has just stepped out of a bath she looks so white.
And an obliging cat to help you blog.
Don't like the look of that beach. Is it all pebbles?

Fun60 said...

You seem to be having a great time in Eastbourne. That must have been quite a sight to see all those silent seagulls overhead.

Loree said...

I didn't know you were on holiday again. Enjoy it. Those seagulls must have been quite a sight.

diane b said...

It sounds like you are having a nice holiday with plenty to do and see. DROPPING INTO BED EXHAUSTED FROM ENJOYING YOURSELF IS A NICE FEELING. oops hit caps lock by mistake sorry.

Sandra Carlier said...

Would want to see the Morris dancers with you! I expect to see them one day! Nice dog and cat in Estbourne!
Those seagulls made a super show! Must be something to look at!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - I see what you mean with the seagulls - fascinating phenomena and silent too .. they were very noisy last night!

Glad you had a happy day with friends of friends and the Lammas festival on the beach-front ...

Cheers Hilary

Anonymous said...

You are off on a vacation again! So are we. I am envious of your ability to post while you're traveling; I have troubles with that. In my defense, a lot of places in wild Alaska don't have wifi or phone service, so even you would have trouble. I am glad to be in a place where I can catch up a bit.

Eastbourne looks lovely and your weekend fun ... I am trying to read all the posts but not drive you crazy with too many comments. Glad it is a fun trip for you.