21 Jul 2014


On Saturday it was unusually hot, we had already 30°(95F) early morning and in the afternoon it was unbearable. Nevertheless I worked very hard ! I did laundry, made a bread and blogged, all at the same time ! My grandma would be proud of me !

The bread slice had a funny pattern, it had a keyhole and tasted very good !

Mr. G's ten year old computer went on strike, it moved like a snail. We decided to buy a new one. As all little boys he wanted a Ferrari of course and not a simple city car. It took some time to convince him to be reasonable, for what he does on a computer which means keeping our huge 2 person household administration up to date, pay invoices and play cards, a normal one would do it too. And finally the reason won and he bought a Toshiba laptop with Window 8.1 !

And for the first time in his life he worked outside ! Normally he never sits in the garden only when we have guests. So Dominique, our neighbor took this historical picture, both of us sitting side by side working on our computers. This has never happened in our 44 years of marriage ! Even Arthur the cat was surprised and watched us out of a box !

The always tired Mr. G went to bed at 1 1/2 am and wasn't tired at all. A new toy, a happy boy !

On Sunday we had a little thunderstorm and it cooled down. 

Belgium celebrates its National Day on Monday but the festivities began already Saturday. So Sunday I met a friend and we walked through the Waterloo park, where the festivities had already begun with different orchestras, lots of food stands with local specialities to eat and drink and lots of games for children.

There was also a "junk" sale going on, but there was really nothing to buy and when we arrived most of the people had already left. We had a drink and watched the people, and everybody seemed to have a lot of fun.

What I didn't like at all was this Military Camp where kids could hide and run around with plastic machine guns. I found this a shame for the city, with all the real wars going on to play war games ! It didn't look as if it had a lot of success, I only saw one boy !

The rest of the day a spent outside sitting on the terrace and writing. 


Jo said...

Oh wow, history was MADE! I have never seen Mr G outside with you. Great things, new computers, LOL! Love the keyhole bread baked under those hot conditions. Enjoy your summer! Jo

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - well done on getting Mr G organised with a new machine ... and then sitting outside - it must have been a red letter day ...

Still stinking hot! The bread looks good though .. cheers Hilary

Sandra Carlier said...

Nice M. Gattino can stay outside using his new computer! Like you I find the war game not very nice for the kids! We saw the war too much on tv those times!