11 Jul 2014



I didn't know that it was the last day of sunshine for the whole week, and fortunately I decided to take my computer outside and worked there, surrounded by my cats and interrupted from time to time for a little chat over the hedge with Dominique who fought with weeds in her yard.

2. The next day the temperature dropped drastically and it poured the whole day. Impossible to go out when it was not absolutely necessary. As I didn't need anything I watched the street while sitting at my desk and stared from time to time into the rain curtain. Not a single soul was in the street.

3. It got even worse and I had to put the heating on, in July ! It was impossible to sit still unless you dressed up like an Eskimo. Eventually I decided to go out and buy some plastic cases to put my necklaces in them, which were mixed up in a box and I thought I could open a shop ! Now I need some labels for the boxes to know which necklace of which color are in the different boxes.

4. My neighbor is in hospital in intensive care, nobody knows exactly what she had, not even the doctors, but she was dead for 20 sec and they had to do heart massage. Now she is out of danger and could leave  intensive care.

Her daughter asked me to walk their dog once a day, because she is working and the poor thing was all alone at home. Maybe Gribouille (don't ask me what that name means) is not the most beautiful dog, but she is a real sweetheart. She had a hard life behind her as a farmer's dog and had to live outside. Now she is spoiled and so thankful !

The cat Gédéon kept her company. He has only one eye, the other he lost in a battle a few years ago !  But as it rained so much, they both refused to go out and finally I gave up and put the leash away. In the evening we were invited for a Sushi dinner at Dominique's for my birthday and it was delicious. I showed her the pictures I had taken in Devon and Cornwall and we had a nice time.

In the morning I had gotten this beautiful bouquet from Mr. G. and lots of phone calls

and also some cute cyber cards, even from the hotel in Egypt, probably to remind me to come again this year.

5. Some girls of my painting group had decided to continue to get together once a week during the school holidays. This was a welcomed opportunity to get out of the house and we had a very cheerful morning without painting very much !

Ilona, Nicole and I decided then to have lunch together in our favorite Asian restaurant and had a very nice meal. We talked about our holidays together, and comforted Ilona whose mother is in hospital she had a hip surgery and terrorizes her with all kind of stupid demands like bringing her pink towels instead of the blue once she had ! And poor Ilona lives 1/2 h by car away !

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Marcy said...

Happy belated birthday, Gattina! haven't been around much as it is a busy summer.
I was supposed to pick up a friend from the airport today and spend the day with her as she was going to meet other family members for a cruise leaving tonight. BUT...her mom broke a hip earlier this week so everything was cancelled. Ilona's mother sounds like my father-in-law... Happy weekend!!

Andrew said...

Your birthday? Many happy returns. Most dogs love a walk, but there are times when they just really don't want to go.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. Happy Birthday belatedly - sorry! Glad you're helping your neighbour out ... and I hope she will recover ...

It's still raining here .. and chilly - let's hope in 2 week's it has cheered up?! - cheers Hilary

Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday to you! Lovely flowers from Mr. G.!

That is kind of you to take care of your neighbor's pets. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

Hope the weather clears up soon!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy belated B-D. It sounds like a good week all around.

Susanne said...

Well Very Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you! Lovely bouquet from Mr. G.

It went from super hot to cold here too. A big thunderstorm blew threw and I was sorely tempted to turn the heat on also.

Amazing that your friend made it through that ordeal. May she have a quick road to full recovery.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday. Your flowers are lovely. That must have been some chill to require heat, hope the weather warms soon. How sweet of you to look after the pets. The dog does look sweet-tempered.

Mara said...

Happy belated birthday Gattina. It sounds like you had a great day. And a busy week despite the weather!

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to you! It sounds like you had a very lovely day--flowers, lunches, and greetings.
I wish you would send us some of your rain :)