3 Mar 2014


After some blogging in the morning, I went with Ilona to her son's new scooter shop. The old one had become to small and the new one was nice and big. I bought a little Vespa from 1953 for Mr. G. as he is a little nostalgic, he had a Vespa as a young man and went on female tourist hunting with it. The Garda Lake in Italy was ideal for that.

I am not a motorbike fan at all in fact I don't like them, but these Vespas looked so comfy, that I thought it would be ideal to ride one in the city. Ilona said that the picture below in the middle looked like Mr. G. and I on a Vespa ! We made a little tour, and looked at the other things on display, like shoes, clothes and helmets, said hello to her son and left. It was very cold and humid and we were glad to return to her home and had tea together with the fire burning in the stove.

On Sunday morning the sun was shining and for the first time the temperature was just around 0°C (32 F). I had heard in the News that we had the warmest winter ever since weather was recorded, the average temperature during whole winter was just - 0,5°, and instead of snow we had a lot of rain.

I took the bus to the Brussels Midi market, which was packed because of the sunny weather. I bought grapes for less then half price, and a pajama, sat on the terrace of my usual cafĂ© and chatted this time with a Greek lady. She spends winter in Greece and summer in Belgium. 

After lunch Nicole and I decided to walk Charlie in the nearby La Hulpe park. It was rather the other way around, because he walked us.

He was sitting already in front of the house door and waiting and then was happy to ride in my car, as Nicole's had a flat tire. I was not used to have a big dog head laying on my shoulder while I was driving. That was really fun ! I am not sure if he didn't tell me the direction instead of Mrs. GPS.

After a not so long walk, Charlie is a rather lazy walker, we wanted to have a coffee on the terrace of the restaurant, as usual. It was full, and after having waited 45 min for our coffee which still didn't arrive, we left, because we started freezing. The waiter was not in sight.

We returned home to Nicole's and had our coffee there in her warm living room. I certainly had enough sunshine and fresh air this day !


Jo said...

I'm always a little surprised at the slow service in restaurants/coffee shops that you speak of. I thought that was "our" prerogative! LOL. I love Charlie on your back seat. He probably loves riding in a car more than walking! Hope you have a great week. Jo

Linens and Royals said...

I love those Vespas and I want one. I've always wanted one. Ever since I saw Audrey Hepburn in the movie 'Roman Holiday'. I wonder if it's too late? No it's not- I might get one yet.

Loree said...

I adore Vespas. I think they are so romantic and cute and perfect for crowded cities.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I love the vespa store. I had a Yamaha and drove it all the time.
I loved it.

diane b said...

Snap! My post is about my motor scooter too. The middle photo does look like you and Mr G. Wow your average temp is cold even if it was the warmest winter.

Ferroviphile said...

Charlie as passager! Lucky he was in the beautiful toyota hybride! I confirm we had no winter here! As we didn't buy wood for the winter and just catched some old wood in the country around! And we could survive!