24 Feb 2014


In a sudden attack of cleaning our entrance, I took the opportunity to clean it before the attack disappeared. It was raining and then it stopped so I took a bucket with a lot of chlorid and a scrubber, threw the solution on the tiles from the letter box to our entrance, scrubbed the moss away and waited for the next shower to wash the chlorid away. Ever since it hasn't rained, and my entrance remains unfinished but looks almost clean.

Arthur checked and found it satisfying.

As the weather forecast had announced sunshine at the Belgian coast, Ilona and I went to Ostende where Nicole owns a little flat.

We arrived just before noon had an aperitif together enjoying the wonderful view on the blue sky and the sea. Then we had chicken with rice and vegetables and went out for a walk. Although it was not cold at all, with the wind it felt cold and we were glad that we had warm clothes on.

Before going out, Nicole had to bandage Charlie's paw. He had a surgery and a claw had been taken out, leaving a quiet large hole and a deep wound. Inside she takes the bandage off so that the wound can dry, but for a walk he needed a bandage.

Nurse Nicole bandaged the paw and put a plastic around so that no water could get inside. We decided to order a little boot for Charlie, I had seen some on Internet.

Then we walked along the beach, and sat down in the sunshine, taking a little sunbath. After that we had a nice cup of coffee with a Belgian wafel and whipped cream in a restaurant. The terrace was heated so we could sit outside.

When the sun went down we returned home. We had spent a real nice one day holiday.


Jo said...

It's been months since I experienced an attack to clean things, LOL! I think your entrance has been approved by Quality Control Checker, Arthur! Poor ole Charlie. Does he go with Nicole to the beach? I've seen Lindy (from Alberta) with boots on; perhaps you can order something like this for Charlie? Have a great week. Jo

Andrew said...

I was expecting you both to make a boot for Charlie from something to be found in the flat.

Fun60 said...

How wonderful to see the sun again. Time to make the most of it. I can always find a reason for putting off the housework although I like to see the house clean and tidy. I just wish I had a house fairy to come and do it whilst I'm asleep.

Mara said...

An attack to clean things? Can't say I ever had one of those.

It sounds like a lovely mini-holiday at the Belgian coast.

Maribeth said...

I finally finished the laundry and cooked a few meals. Tonight I want to make Moo Goo Gai Pan and Pork Fried Rice. All made with leftovers!

Loree said...

What a lovely weekend you had. The waffle sounds nice too.

Linens and Royals said...

A boot for Charlie? A heated terrace? A clean path approved by Arthur? You are opening my eyes to the real world.
I admit I have had one or two of those "cleaning" attacks, thankfully they don't last long.

A Lady's Life said...

The boot is a good idea We have them sold everywhere around here.
Pets are number one priority lol

peppylady (Dora) said...

A lease you have blue sky..The wind is out of the north.
Sure sending positive energy to little puppy dog.

Coffee is on

Lady Lilith said...

Sounds like you really had a busy week.

diane b said...

That looked a nice day for you. It must be good to get out after winter wet days.

Sandra Carlier said...

Ostende looks like a beautiful place where sitting under the sun enjoy everybody! Sean sun and sand! Charlie is a nice guy!