29 Nov 2013


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1. After aqua gym, I had done my duty to keep me fit and in good health, so that the state has to pay longer for my pension. It's a little contradictory, on one side the government tells us that we have to live more healthy and that seniors have to do some sport, they complain on the other hand that we are living too long and we become too expensive for the community. That sounds a little paradox.

Therefore I went home and spent the afternoon at my computer creating cards and headers for Christmas and didn't move anymore, but not with the intention to die earlier. Since I have moved my desk to the window, I can also watch what is going on in the street, which means nothing, besides some people walking their dogs.

2. For my always hungry Senior baby Mr. G. I had to fill the fridge and freezer with food. I do shopping once a week, because I just hate it. Now we have our menus for the whole week. For the moment I am like my cats I only go out when it is absolutely necessary as it is so cold and humid and the ideal weather for catching colds. The difference is that they go out not for shopping but for private business, which I prefer to do inside. But I did some sport ! I surfed on Internet for Christmas present ideas !


My little "Callas"

Since a few weeks I had noticed that my cat Pookie had probably some troubles with her teeth. To take a cat to the vet is not an easy job. The usually always inside staying Pookie had decided this very day to stay outside. It took me some time to get her in. From there I had to get her out from under the bed, catch and carry a struggling cat and put her in the cage. By then I was already red faced and exhausted. With an opera singing cat I finally arrived at the vet. And yes indeed she has to have two teeth to be pulled out on Monday ! I will take forces over the weekend.

4. It's crazy what time you spent when you are creative on your computer ! It's almost like painting a picture ! Time flies by until suddenly a hungry husband turns up making noises like an elephant to announce me that it is time for supper !
That mostly happens when I had just found an interesting website. But for peace sake I switch from an intellectual on the computer working woman to a brave cooking housewife.

5. My friend Vivienne needed her monthly shot in her eye against the Macula, to restrict this awful disease which can make you blind. Unfortunately she couldn't go the last two months because the poor girl had a throat cancer and had radiations. So her view suffered a bit. There is so much money spent for completely useless things and there is not enough money for more medical research. Apparently it's more important to be able to walk on the moon, then becoming blind or find more efficient medication to heal cancers. After that I went to Nicole, who wanted to order a book on Internet and didn't know how to do it. There was an awful traffic jam on the way back probably because of the foggy and very humid weather.


  1. Poor Pookie, I hope she is better on Monday. So surfing the net counts as exercise? Good, now I don't have to go for a walk or to my exercise class.
    Is Arthur sitting next to your computer so he can check you are not on dating sites looking for rich old men?

  2. I am very pleased to hear surfing the net is exercise. I must be incredibly fit and healthy.

    Haha at the above comment about rich men.

  3. Hope you stay warm and dry and don't catch any colds.

    The computer is such a wonderful and versatile invention that we can spend much of the say there.

    I hope all goes well with your cat's tooth=pulling next week - I am sure that will be no fun for anyone involved.

  4. I like your desk. Coffee cup on one side and cat on the other. That just about sums you up. I try to keep fit too with gym and walking and tennis but sometimes I wonder what for, probably so that I'm fit enough to look after a fat, lazy TOH when he can't move anymore.

  5. I am sorry to hear of your friend's problem with her eye. My father-in-law was declared legally blind several years ago due to the same disease of the eye. I am glad that the shots are available to your friend. I'm sorry to learn of her cancer of the throat.

  6. I hope all goes well for the pussycat. Always bad to have to take them to the vet for something else than their annual shots.

  7. I hope pookie will be better after the intervention on monday! Here I spent One hour on my sofa under the sun! I recoved after two parties! On friday we went with Pierre to the cinema and watched Belle et Sébastien on prime time! There were one of the actors and the realisator! After that we came back and go to bed and at 2 o'clock in the night we had to catch Mélissa at Le Beausset where she had a birthday party! Yesterday night we went with friends to a theater play!!! It was so comic! Good laugh! Tonight I go to St Cyr catching Anaïs and see the other black cat they adopted with Flavien! Now they have two black cats of 2 months!

  8. Your sense of humor gave me just the laugh I needed this morning! I have an "opera singing" cat too, but she likes to sing in the middle of the night and makes sure we all wake up to hear her concert.

    Sorry for the medical problems your friend is suffering right now. It's wonderful that you are there for her!

  9. I'm glad you are doing your part to stay healthy even though your govt is wishing for you to both stay healthy AND die earlier. Our local govt wants us to save water and use less, but then they don't like our low water bills!


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