16 Sep 2013


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The departure day had arrived and we cleaned our rooms, loaded our luggage and off we went direction Reims, which I had chosen for a stop before we returned to Brussels. I thought there would be a lot to see and as we had time to spend it seemed a good idea.

We had our picnic on the motorway and our car seemed like a toy car between the huge trucks ! To stretch our bodies we did some Yoga exercises much to the fun of the truck drivers. But that didn't bother us at all. Then it started to rain and as I was more familiar with my GPS, I drove most of the time. First it was OK but then started a heavy rain and we arrived rather late in Reims, far too tired to visit the town.

Fortunately just besides our little hotel was a Turkish restaurant, where we had an excellent meal. The owner absolutely wanted to be on the picture and the whole atmosphere in this little snack was very familiar and funny and we had a relaxing meal. In the rain we returned back to our hotel and fell in our beds.

The next day we wanted to explore Reims, but it still rained. We first looked for a place for breakfast and found a very old beautiful Café, nicely decorated and quiet old. It had already belonged to the owners Grandma, and he wasn't the youngest one. It was very elegant too and we had coffee and croissants.

Then we visited the cathedral. I had heard so much about it, that I was disappointed when I saw it in real. From outside it looks very impressive but the inside is rather poor. I liked the smiling angel. There was no explanation either so I count on Wikipedia to explain me a little more of what I have seen (or rather not).

These two memorial plaques in front of the Cathedral were interesting, it was the French and German reconciliation after WW2 signed by General de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer on my birthday the 8 juillet ! Only it was in 1962.

As it was impossible to stroll through the city in this rain, we decided to take a sightseeing tour. We had to wait for an hour for the bus, because it's not yet well organized.

Instead of waiting in the rain we visited the library which was all in art deco and really beautiful. Very interesting too, with beautiful books decorated with semi precious stones.

The bus finally arrived, it was quiet small and took us through the city. The things to see were very spread over the whole town and with the help of headphones we got explanations, only the trees were not cut so that we didn't see a lot but green wet leaves. But at least the city hall and the Champagne manufacturers which you can visit and taste the Champagne. Not for free of course.

After the tour we were hungry and a bit disappointed and we looked for a restaurant, and the first we saw was a Pub !! It was very nice and we didn't hesitate a second and went inside. The food was very good (I had Fish & chips) and the decoration very beautiful too.

After lunch we drove the last 300 km home, that means I drove while the two others fell asleep and I had the impression to drive a funeral car with two corpses in it. But later they woke up ! Dominique drove the last piece until home. Nicole was greeted with joy by her dog, and I only by Mr. G. the cats had disappeared. We all felt a little sad that our wonderful holidays and our life together had ended too.

On Sunday I only went to the market and spend the rest of the day sorting out my pictures (there are a lot !) and of course it rained ....


Linens and Royals said...

Ah, so that's who the man at your table is. You always find the best places to eat.

Mara said...

We had a lot of rain as well on the weekend. But here they just put on a raincoat and go out anyway! So, that's what I have started to do as well!

I loved Reims when I was there a few years ago, although I must admit I didn't see much of the town. I might go back some day and see a bit more.

EastCoastLife said...

Strange.... we are having rain in our part of the world too.

It would really upset me if it rains when I am on holiday. But you girls were still able to have a jolly good time :)

Andrew said...

'that means I drove while the two others fell asleep and I had the impression to drive a funeral car with two corpses in it.'

Funny. I shall be driving tomorrow for 3.5 hours with a corpse for some of the journey.

A Lady's Life said...

lol so nice to be able to sort pictures right away and not have to wait for them to be developed.
You simply had a great time and this is what life is all about.
We just went out for Chinese.
Later we will be going for a few days to the same places we usually go to so nothing much to say since I said it all before.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I wondered who that man was in your previous post ;>) so was glad to find out.

Sorting pictures after a vacation trip is kinda' fun and kinda' a drag all at the same time. Good to get it done quick.