22 Jul 2013


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This weekend was very special, because Belgium celebrated its National Day as usual on July 21, but this time there was also the abdication of King Albert II and the enthrownement of his son Philip. All on the same day.

We had over 30° (86 F) and it was quiet hot.

So Ilona  and I decided to go into a park near Brussels which has also a huge swimming pool and is surrounded by trees, so we could lay in the shade. Ilona tried to get some colors while drying her bathsuit. I prefereed not go into the water, because I am still under antibiotics. We had a real nice afternoon !

On Sunday morning I watched the Royal celebrations.

It started at 9 am with a "Te Deum" (mass) in the St. Gudule church, where royal weddings and funerals are always celebrated. This time it was the enthrownement of the new King. The whole royal family was present (except the little children, the new King has 4) Above you see the "old" King and Queen and the once to be, Philip and Mathilde. The church was packed with government members and no one else ! No royal guests at all, which was rather disappointing.  I saw the old King laughing in the church I thought he is certainly happy to retire and enjoy his hobbies.

After the church they were driven to the parliament where the abdication and enthrownment took place.

For the first time since I "know" Philip, he wasn't shy, not a sleeping pill, but a completely other man, very cool and he swore on the constitution without any hesitation in his voice as if he would do that every day.

After the ceremony they were driving in an open car to the Royal Palace and waved from the balcony to the crowd.

Of course my friends and I hadn't the courage to go to Brussels in this heat and preferred to celebrate in

In the Waterloo park everything was ready for the National Day and to celebrate the royal events. We went there for a drink and listened to the different bands which were performing. There was also a tea dance.. From Rock to Pop over Glen Miller we heard everything.

Of course we discussed the dresses of the two Queens, and had all the same opinion. Green didn't suit Queen Paola, it gave her a green face, and the white winter dress of Mathilde looked a little old fashioned.  We sat there in the shade under a tree and discussed and laughed and had a very nice afternoon. If you live so long in a little town as I do here in Waterloo since 38 years, you know a lot of people too, so finally we were a whole group sitting at a table. The mayor and some other members of the municipalty greeted us and we joked together.

Tonight there will be a big firework in Brussels, but also here in Waterloo, maybe I can see a little bit from our house because I am too lazy to go out at 11 pm, although I could go to my friend who has a balcony just there were the firework will take place. I pity the poor dogs who live there !


Jo said...

Happy national day! It all looks so festive but I too, worry about the poor animals (dogs and cats) who are petrified of fireworks. (((Hugs))) Jo

Sandra Carlier said...

Happy National Day Gattina! Sounds you had such great time! I owould want to be there and fest with you the three events!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. sounds like good celebrations though .. and you certainly get out and about ..

The new King and Queen - I hope help the country ..

Cheers Hilary

Andrew said...

Sounds wonderful. I expect you are the life of the party. The royal change over was reported here, along with a woman claiming she is the ex king's daughter.

Loree said...

A very interesting weekend for Belgium! It looks like you had sunshine and a wonderful time.

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a fun time!
(thinking of you next post)--maybe the new King can improve the mail service!