21 Jan 2013


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Saturday morning started with a little "Skype" chat with grandson Toby.

With Daddy's help he calls us every weekend ! This time he was very busy with playing with his little train, so after having given me a big smile he returned playing and then kissed the screen to say good bye !

As Ilona has now Skype installed, we went together to buy a webcam, because without it didn't work of course.

on the way back we stopped at Nicole's for a cup of tea and say hello to Charlie, who was happy to see us, and then he returned to the deck to watch the snow. We warmed ourselves up in front of the open fire and chatted as usual of course !

I also went to Dominique to install Skype (I will become a specialist) but she too needs a webcam.

We have icicles hanging from the roof and for our region it is very cold - 7°C (21F) !

On Sunday morning it started snowing and that's what I saw first ! Unfortunately I couldn't catch the snowflakes which swirled around ! Poor Rosie wasn't very happy about this white landscape.

Impossible to go outside, the streets were covered with snow and not yet cleaned. I hope that this year they won't run out of salt !

I don't know why but with this snow weather I always feel cold, although the temperature in the house is  the same as usual !

I put on a T-shirt with long sleeves, a woolen pullover, warm tights, thick socks, and over all that a sweat suit in thick velvet ! I look rather fat !  Here I am with my three layers and a pillow filled with cherry stones, which I had put in the microwave to heat it up and this keeps my feet warm ! I should rather sit in an igloo !

And in summer with the same temperature I just wear jeans and a T-shirt ! Isn't that strange ?

I also watched the Belgian Royal news, the crown princess Mathilde celebrated her 40th birthday today and of course there was a whole reportage about her ! 

She  has four children with the future King Philippe, and is quiet a pretty woman. She speaks fluently French, Flemish and English and also some Italian. She had studied psychology and was speech therapist. She also belongs to the hereditary nobility, the perfect women for the rather shy crown prince, but to my taste she is a little too perfect and I find her boring. There is some charisma missing. That's maybe why she is less well known like the other Crown Princesses.  Princess Mathilde is the Honorary President of Unicef Belgium. She also serves as the World Health Organisation’s Special Representative for Immunization. There were no special celebrations, but she got her face on a special post stamp for her 40th birthday.

After this romantic interruption I returned to my photos and my blog and looked at the still falling snow outside.

Dominique came over in the evening to watch with us our favorite Inspector Barnaby. We still have not seen all of the movies. Unfortunately this time Mr. G's calculations of the murdered people didn't reach the average of three, there were only two !


Jo said...

Mr G is slipping with his calculations, LOL! Were the murders too complicated? That Belgium princess is very pretty. Sigh, imagine being 40 again! WOW, I thought the icicles were of a scene in a SciFi movie you watched. You are becoming a big fundi (expert) at installing Skype. I think I have strong Skype now as I changed my internet - again. We should connect. Not sure if you can get such a clear picture as you have in yours. What a clever little lad your Toby is to speak to you through this. Such a good thing, technology. I have linked you again to my post today. oh, BTW you can never look fat. I used to dress like that in my first winters in Marquard! Took me hours to undress and then dive into a hot bath to warm up and put all my sleeping layers on. Have a great day. Hugs Jo

Cezar and Léia said...

Reading this post I feel such a positive feeling to start my day and my week!Thanks so much! :)
Loots of good things going on...1) Before I forget to say, I also feel cold here, although the temperature inside the house is fine 21 or 22C.
2)This is so nice that you can have a chat with Toby. I also use it to stay in touch with my family in Brazil and daughter in UK.
3)you are gorgeous!I love your pictures, you are always smiling and positive. I think I know now, what is wrong with me here,I mean about this upset mood, "I need to change colors in my wardrobe, because I have lots of clothes in dark colors!" LOL
4)Charlie is so cute and I love your snow pictures!You have a beautiful view from your window!

Janet said...

I sure can understand feeling cold all the time. It is -7 here right now, but inside our house is so much warmer. Despite this, my hands and feet are like ice!

A Lady's Life said...

Toby is having a nice Toby day playing. lol
My little dog also hates to get cold feet and having pillows to put your feet on is an excellent Idea. I finally got myself a pair of winter boots I run around all year round in flip flops in BC. We have more rain than snow out here. lol
The Princess sounds lovely I would not find her boring She is a real role model.
At least she tries.
Glad you are having a good time with your friend.

Loree said...

Mr G needs to pay more attention :) The weather is crazy here - cold and hail one day and warm and sunny the next. I never know what to wear.

claudie said...

Skype is really one of the best inventions when you want to speak with people !!!! Little Toby can see his grand parents every week as if you were together! The princess is really beautiful! You're right she looks perfect!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Not a bad weekend at all, but oh so cold. I know (remember) what you mean about feeling cold even though the house is warm -- we've often talked about that when we were in Oregon...the damp chill from the icy rain gets into your bones even when you're in a warm house (I swear it's true)!

Friko said...

That’s a lot of clothes you are wearing. How about a bit of dancing to some lively music? That might help.

I spent the weekend indoors and only went out with the dog for a short time. It is quite slippery and a bit dangerous to walk, I don’t want to slip and break something.

EastCoastLife said...

We are having continuous rain for the past week. Temperature dropped a little to 30 degree Celsius and I am wearing a thick sweater! Our usual temperature is 34 degree Celsius.

Gosh, my health would be in danger if I am exposed to the extreme cold temperature you and the other commentators are having in your countries now. :P