20 Jul 2012


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1. On Monday I thought again it was Sunday, where we are supposed not to work, so I spent the whole day sorting out my pictures and "tidied" up my travel blog. There were a few pictures which didn't show up anymore due to Photobucket, who had suddenly decided that my photos were not available anymore ! Quiet annoying.


The Waterloo swimming pool had been renovated and I had never seen it. Last time I had been there was at least 30 years ago, when I took my son there with his friends so that they could swim and play in the water. Dominique asked me to come with her to see how nice it was now. And indeed it was very nice ! I didn't recognize anything ! The water was warm, everything looked neat and clean, the rules were strict, and apparently the roof can partly been removed so that you also have an outdoor swimming pool. Of course with the cold weather and all that rain, it probably was never opened this year.

We swam and did a little private acqua gym for about an hour, with the result, that when I watched my little crime story as nap time, I really was angry because I thought I hadn't slept but suddenly I knew the killer ! I didn't rewind, because I had seen enough of the beginning !

3. My cleaning lady had to go back to Poland her husband has a stomac surgery, so she provided me with a replacement. She too is a nice lady, only she talks too much ! That wouldn't bother me because she speaks very good French, but she stops working when she talks ! I had to escape and leave her alone giving instructions to Mr. G. not to talk too much with her, with the result that he went out too ! I don't know, I can work and talk at the same time. Fortunately she is a very good cleaner !

4. I praised so much the new swimming pool to convince Mr. G. to come with us,  he really needs to move a bit, he is such a couch potatoe ! He doesn't like to walk, or other physical excercises, and becomes more and more stiff. I had to become very creative to make him move, by sending him down to the basement (stairs down and up) to pick up something, and also refused to feed our neighbor's cat while they are away on holidays, therefore he has to go out, cross the street, climb a little wall, walk through the garden and finally meet the cat behind the house. The cat called Chouchou (Sweetheart) already waits for him when he opens the garage door and walks him to her feeding place. Another exercise which he does grumbling in his non existing beard. But I am so used to that I don't hear it anymore. 

5. Still having in mind to carry him (if necessary) to the swimming pool, I went to a sport store to buy him a bathing trunk and a swim cap, because he had told me that he couldn't come, his excuse was that he had nothing to wear ! This is settled now too and there is no excuse anymore ! He would never have done it by himself !

My other neighbor who had lost her 93 old boyfriend came over and wanted to be cheered up a bit. I tried my best, but I didn't feel very well, I think I catched a cold. After 2 h of whining always about the same things, and making no sign of leaving, I thought I have to invent something and pretended that I was so tired and had to go to bed. After another half an hour she finally got it and left ! If only she wouldn't tell me the same things 3 or even 4 times ! She unfortunately belongs to this kind of woman who always complain but don't do anything to change their situation.

Dominique came in the evening to leave us her new birds as she goes away on holidays for a week. The once she had before  which had spent their holidays with Mr. G. were victims of Arthur ! This time he seems ready again, but the door will be locked with a key ! Now way for bird hunting !


sandra carlier said...

What a beautiful swimming pool! I hope you and Mr G will have long moment of swimming there!!! Swimming is the best sport I know with walking! I hope this time Arthur won't get his bird steak!!! We have play theater yesterday night and we play again tonight! I hope we will have more visitors than yesterday!!! We had only 6 persons and two were Audrey (the daughter of my sister)and Lya!!! Difficult to make people move to theater!!!

diane b said...

Dominique is brave leaving birds with Arthur again. Good luck getting Mr G in the pool. I would have no chance with my couch potato. I like your photo of the pool through the rails.

Linens and Royals said...

I am like Mr G. I don't like excercise. I bought a new swimsuit 6 years ago and still haven't worn it even though I lived surrounded by beach and pools. Only my toes go in the ocean.
Leave the birds alone Arthur!!

Kathie said...

A gorgeous pool!! You'll have to post a picture if you finally get Mr G in there :) My husband, who doesn't really like water, finally went in our neighbour's pool - only because it was so hot here. But he loved it. I had to drag him out after 4 hours!

I had a cleaning lady like that once too - it was hilarious - I couldn't ask a question or she would stop working and start to chat. Fortunately she was an excellent cleaner too.

Happy weekend Gattina!

Faith said...

That is a beautiful pool!! how blessed you are to be able to use it!! Ah...at least you HAVE a cleaning lady...i would love one but it isn't in our financial budget :) So...my girls are being trained more and more this summer to learn how to care for the home...i remind them someday they will be on their own! :) enjoy your weekend!! (my husband is a couch potato too altho he DID hike with me on our anniversary trip!)

Maribeth said...

Oh I love the pool!
Where will your next trip be to?
I survived my root canal and it is not too painful today.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Beautiful pool, Gattina!
Love so much your header!

Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Willow said...

I do hope you are finally able to entice Mr. G to the pool for exercise, maybe when the cleaning lady is there.
Oh dear, I hope Arthur stays away from the birds.
Have a great weekend!

Barbara H. said...

I can work and talk at the same time, too, and get frustrated with people who stop working while they talk, LOL! Sounds like you came up with a good solution.

I need to exercise more, too. I'm not a big fan if swimming -- I don't know how and hate having to change and then do something with my hair again (it looks terrible in its natural state). But I hope Mr. G. will join you.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Be sure to let us know how Mr G enjoyed the pool!

Schotzy said...

What a lovely way to wile away a few hours... Sounds sublime to me!

ellen b said...

The new pool looks great. Hopefully Mr. G. joins in the fun soon. Boy, you had your fill of talkative people this week. I'm glad your housekeeper does a good job!
Have a great weekend.

Loree said...

Naughty Arthur :) Hope you are feeling better and that Mr G made it to the swimming pool.

Gledwood said...

That Waterloo Swimming Pool is such a delicious shade of turquoise, it literally makes me want to eat it... (or drink it, rather... I bet it tastes so minty blue!!)

OK. Or rather like too-much-bleach-in-the-tap-water flavour..!!

Susanne said...

That looks like a gorgeous pool. I love swimming but hubby hates it. I could buy him a hundred bathing trunks and he still wouldn't go. LOL.

Jo said...

What a lovely pool. Believe me, I'd not get MY couch potato to join me there either, so good on Mr G for joining you if he already has. It will be VERY good for his joint pains. You have made me keen to use our pool again. I think I will start on Monday. Good on YOU for working out tasks for getting him to move and lucky the Chouchou loves him to feed her, hey? Wow, Dominique sure is brave to "brave" Arthur again with her birds. But I know she loves him (Arthur) and that he visits her inside her house! Have a great weekend. Hugs Jo

Ann said...

http://ann-mythoughtsandphotos.blogspot.sg/2012/07/what-i-did-in-weekend-kai-chung-school.html, can't find your badge.