11 Jun 2012


This meme helps you to remember what you did on the weekend of 9 June

Just before I left for a visit of an exhibition of paintings and sculptures in a street, houses and garden, organized by local artists, I met my neighbor Vivi together with her two daughters and grandaughter  who had just come back from John's funerals. She was in a terrible state.

John had asked not to be incinerated but his daughter didn't care, living far away in Canada, she just wanted to get rid of him and sell the house to have the money. A notary had organized the funerals, and there was just another neighbor with his wife and Vivi with her family. She hadn't told me anything otherwise I would have gone too. She was so upset about all this that she had just forgotten to tell me. 

The street exhibition was very nice, I will write more about it next week.

On Sunday morning Mr. G. found an agenda and business cards and other items just in front of our house. I looked in the agenda to find out to whom it belongs and it was one of our neighbors who had parked his car just besides our mailbox, and apparently somebody broke in to it, and as there was nothing special he threw everything in the street ! It was my neigbor's fault he forgot to lock his car ! But still I never thought that somebody would steel in our quiet little street. 

Late afternoon, after I had planted the last flowers in our garden, (for once it didn't rain) Dominique came over and we checked our booking papers for our trip to London. After that I prepared my little suitcase.

We had booked a package Hotel/Musical and have chosen "Ghost". On Tuesday we will meet Jo and her husband who are also in London on a holiday coming from Tanzania, were they live for the moment. Jo and Grant are from South Africa. We are blogfriends since a long time, but have never met "life". That certainly will be a lot of fun.

So when you read this I am probably sitting in the Eurostar train which takes us from Brussels to London in not even 2 hours ! I'll take my little notebook along so if I have time I can post a little diary of our trip.


Cezar and Léia said...

Lucky girl! wonderful news!
I wish you a lovely time in London!

Maribeth said...

I feel so sad for Vivi.
You two have a wonderful time and be sure to write about all your travels.
I go to see Mandy and Savannah Tuesday for the day!

sandra carlier said...

Can't wait to know more about your blog meeting!!! Poor Vivi!