2 Apr 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of March 31, 2012.

On Saturday morning I really felt the need of new feathers for Easter ! I had spotted at one of my favorite stores C & A (which most of the Europeans know very well) that they made a "seasonal reduction" of 50 %. Despite the fact that I don't know what a seasonal reduction is, I went there and found this :

Two blouses and a pullover I can wear underneath in case it is cold when the Easter Bunny arrives.

So now I am equipped for whatever weather it will be.

In the afternoon I went with Dominique to my friend Nicole, who had asked me if she could join us on our roundtrip through Tunisia.

Charly the dog, wasn't very interested in our discussions but very much in the cake we had with our coffee. Dominique and Nicole didn't know each other so before we go as a trio we thought to spend
an afternoon together !

We had a lot of fun, we have the same interests, we love art and architecture Dominique paints too and Nicole is in my painting group, that's where I know her from. Now we are very much convinced that it will be a lot of fun to make this trip together. We will leave mid June.

My son had sent us some pictures of 15 month old grandson Toby, which I replaced with the old once I had in different frames.

Now it looks like this.

and we also could see that little Toby enjoys very much the fact that he can walk and run around now !

On Sunday I went over to Dominique because she babysitted her two grandchildren. The young parents had invited 40 people for a concert. Lucy's Dad has an amateur music group and he plays guitare. No babies needed for this event !

Little Lucy is 4 days older than Toby, but compared to him a little doll. She was tired, she just had eaten and needed a little nap. But I could update myself because after 37 years I forgot how 15 months old Toddlers behave !

I also made a little excursion to a huge garden center and when I had done some pictures, my battery gave up its soul and I returned home without buying anything. This store is far more expensive as the one I use to go.

and when I came home, I saw the first Lillys of the Valley in our front yard, which should only grow end April and are usually offered for the 1st of May !


HansHB said...

Nice post, - good photos!
I was prepering for Easter!
We went to our cabin up in the mountains and fixed it for Easter!
Happy Easter to you!

Jientje said...

Oh my those Lily of the valley are very early, mine haven't shown up yet! Those little toddlers keep you busy, don't they? Toby has grown a lot, too cute!

Maribeth said...

Toby sure is growing! And he is so handsome!!!

diane b said...

Tiger Toby is enjoying his mobility. They are hard to keep up with. I think I'm going to be worn out after 3 weeks of it.

momto8 said...

like your pictures! you will be styling at Easter!!
happy April!

Cezar and Léia said...

Toby is growing up faster, he is an adorable kid!I love his picture with the sunglasses, so cute! :)
wow and you did great shop, love the blouses!

A Lady's Life said...

They grow so fast don't they. I love lily of the valley I had some perfume a long time ago and I loved it.

Jo said...

I love your new "feathers" for Easter. And I love handsome and tall Toby. Yes, the little girls look so petite compared to boys. Our newest Granddaughter is also like a little doll. Glad you're seeing signs of spring. We're in SA and it's autumn here - yet still 18 degrees, which is quite cold for us from East Africa! Have a wonderful Easter and keep well. Jo

Loree said...

Little Toby is looking so cute. I think you will look great in your new 'feathers'.

Gracie said...

So you will hit the road again soon? Lucky lady....