6 Apr 2012


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1. Since November I hadn't mowed the lawn and if we didn't have our entrance on the street's side we would have the same difficulties like in the cartoon below. The grass was so high that I had to do it in two times to take a little pause in between. Our lawn has just a handkerchief size and usually it takes me not even 20 min but this time it took me an hour and I was exhausted !

Now I am dreaming of a lawn mower robot, so I could sit in the sunshine and watch it working !

2. I was looking for a little Easter gift for grandson Toby, and as he is not old enough yet to look for Easter eggs and chocolate, I thought this littly tricycle would be of more use especially when the weather is nice.

Our son had exactly the same in the 70th, some toys are so useful that they are still modern. Apparently I wasn't the only person who was looking for such a bike, because in 3 toy shops they were sold out. Now we will see how it works for him on Easter.

3. I did some Easter decoration shopping, and also had to buy cat food, as we are away to celebrate Easter in Amsterdam and my neighbor will take good care of our cats as she did in the last 37 years !!

4. Dominique and I took the train and went to Ostende visiting our friend Nicole who has a holiday flat there. Despite the fact that the weatherman had forseen rain, the weather was nice and sunny and we could walk along the beach sit on a bank on seafront and take some sunshine

We also visited the grave of the Belgian painter James Ensor

Along the seafront there are always nice little shops and I couldn't resist to buy these two scarfs, immediately inspected by Rosie. Our way back was a nightmare we left at 6.45 pm, had no correspondence to Waterloo, had to take a train which took us to a nearby city and from there a train back to Waterloo. We were at home at 9 pm ! More than 2 h for 150 km ! I am quicker in London !

5. Mr. G. has his birthday after Easter, but we wanted to celebrate together with our son and family so I asked him what he wanted, and as usual he didn't want anything. Finally he said he could use a new electric shaver. I talked with my son and we agreed to buy him a new one, but that I should do it because of the guarantee. So I went, bought the thing and when I came back, I found a happy Mr. G. who told me that he had also bought the razor ! Now we have two !! and on top of it the razors are the same ! Men !! The result is I have to bring back the one I bought. He has only one face to shave !


diane b said...

You had me giggling again. Love the razor story and joke.

Linens and Royals said...

Oh Dear! why do I like that last joke so much? I'm off to look for a balloon.
Hope you have a very Happy Easter with Toby.

Moira said...

Haha! Very nice post, Gattina! Typical of men, isn't it? We buy them something and they have just bought it for themself! Hope you have a lovely Easter!

Lisa notes... said...

Maybe you can get that lawn mower robot. ;-)

I'm sure Toby will love the tricycle. And it will last a lot longer than Easter eggs and chocolate.

Your scarves are beautiful. Great choices you made!

A Lady's Life said...

Happy Easter Gattina !!!
Well they have the floor cleaning robot so why not the lawn mower robot.
I hope it doesn't run over peoples feet though lol

Kids love to ride and Toby should love his new toy.The shawls are pretty and you made me laugh with the shavers cause I always buy two especially when I see a good bargain.
One for home, one for travel.

Susanne said...

What is it with men going shopping right before their birthdays and Christmas? LOL.

I want one of them robot mowers!

Love those scarves. Such pretty colors and the beach is lovely. Nice to get away!

Happy Easter!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

That trike is so cute!

And the scarves you bought are lovely. Have a happy Easter.

Ann said...

we have an arrangement with the man to mow our lawn every 3 week, he didn't come for 4 weeks plus. Then he complained the grass was too long and would take too long, so I asked him, how much pro rate I have to pay. The husband was not happy, not our fault if he doesn't come.

momto8 said...

a fun post!
Happy Easter!

Kathie said...

That's hilarious about your husband!

Glad you had some nice sunshine to enjoy on your trip.

Happy Easter!

Pamela said...

I'm enjoying your easter posts. I love your sense of humor. (You will find my blog currently has gone private. I will try to send you an email and explain why. I hope to bring it back at some time in the future.)