4 Apr 2011


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With 3 friends of my painting group, we went to Liège to visit the Exposition "SOS Planet". We took the train, because the exposition was in the Guillemins station of Liège (Belgium)

Already in the train we had a lot of fun we were feeling like school girls on a school trip, but without teacher ! The Exposition was wonderful ! I first had been a little suspicious, thought it would be a boring thing to safe the world, but not at all it was very, very interesting and absolutely more than well done ! So good, that the exposition was prolonged until July. You really travel through our globe from the very beginning up to today. I will write more about it in a special post.

The Guillemin station in itself is already something to see because it is rather special and is very new. The station was officially opened in September 2009.

The building costs were € 312 million. (312000000 EUR = 444064901.793 USD !!!) Yes you read right ! It had made the Belgians very angry because Liège is not a very important city and it would have been much better to spend this money for the very much needed renovations on the Belgian railways ! (more pictures to follow in "My World") I personally didn't like that thing at all, it looks cold and is not practical at all the wind is blowing through from everywhere and there is nothing special to help handicapped people not even more banks to sit down on the quays. We were lucky because the sun was shining and it was rather warm, but in winter it must be an awful place !

36 years ago we moved into our house. It was the 2nd April 1975. It snowed terribly this day and it was very cold. Our son was a 2 year old toddler which made it not easier ! The electric stove didn't work and I couldn't warm up his food, fortunately there was my still helpful neighbor !

36 years later we had 24°C (75 F) this day

and I repainted the letter box. It wasn't the one we had 36 years before, but another, the green had faded and it badly needed to be refreshed. For the first time in my life I bought paint other than the once I use for my paintings on canvas, and a brush and painted the whole thing in black ! My neighbors came and admired my work, and now I am very proud !
Coming next are 2 garden chairs and a table !


Jo said...

That station look horridly cold and impersonal. What a huge amount of money to spend and that's the result! Congratulations on your "anniversary" of arriving in town all those years ago. You obviously still are loved and befriended by all your neighbours as you are such an outgoing and friendly person yourself. Have a great week, Gattina. Hugs Jo

Maribeth said...

The station looks so bright and that is a positive. But sometimes I think people build these grand places and are not at all practical.

diane b said...

I think the station looks very modern but a shame it is not more practical and user friendly. Congrats on your 36 year living in one place anniversary. Friendly neighbours are a boon. Sounds like you had a great trip with your friends to the expo.

Loree said...

That station reminded me of a sci-fi movie. Not very charming, I have to say. Your letter box looks lovely.

Linens and Royals said...

A very impressive but cold looking station.
Happy Anniversary to you and your house. I wish I could say I have lived in one house so long but I always get itchy feet, sell up and move on.

Pamela said...

I've got to take another look at the station. I got distracted by the letter box (: