20 Feb 2011


The Chips Revolution

Since February 16 Belgium helds the record of 249 days without a government breaking a modern-day mondial record that was held by Iraq. We are now ready to go into the Guinness Book of Records.

For this occasion an Arabic looking student representing Irak handed over a cup to the new winner .... Belgium represented by a Belgian student.

The Belgians have a lot of humor so this event was celebrated with several actions such as men letting their beards grow until a government is in place, or women following Lysistrata's example and refusing sex until an agreement is made.

Top of the bill was the "Révolution des Frites" (chips revolution) a public party in the streets on Thursday night, counting down to the new world record. In an ironic trailer, people were asked to gather and "help our political heroes through the last hours".

"Our politicians are heroes," people joked. "We're proud of this. Finally we can send out a positive message about Belgium -- our country is the world record-holder."

Residents in Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven and Liege wore red noses and had their versions of a Red Nose Day meant to shame politicians. But they apparently prefer to continue to play the clowns.

In Louvain la Neuve the organizers handed out 300 portions of free chips with mayonnaise, a staple part of the Belgian diet.

And in Ghent, where activists said 249 people would protest naked to mark each day of political paralysis, dozens stripped to their underwear.

Friends and people around me don't take the actual politicians seriously anymore. We really wonder for what they are useful. We all noticed that with or without government, our little lives continue and we don't see any difference.

An actress was asked by a Flemish newspaper why they were taking off their clothes

"Why? Because if we're naked, we're all people together," she said.

And that is true, Belgians want to stay together the Flemish and French speaking once. Only the politicians have a problem with it and put their personal ambitions in a language war.

The "chips revolution" wasn't appreciated by them at all !


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh my goodness. Chips and mayonnaise? I don't know about that. Well, we'll be in Belgium a little bit on our rivers & canals cruise, so I might have found something else I like before we go to Brussels. And of course, I can always eat waffles.
Looks like a fun contest, though.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Fun, fun....enjoyed this post Gattina. And I loved your grandmas and pas weekend funnies too.

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jabblog said...

Not having a government really doesn't seem to be making much difference to Belgium. Perhaps we should all follow suit:-)

Marja said...

Oh gattina this is hilarious What a great sense of humor. I would loved to have some of that chips yum. I agree with Jabblog we should all follow

A Lady's Life said...

Sometimes politicians want too much of political correctness which results in very bad things. So good for the people. Fight for your rights. The reason people come to your country is because it is a good country and then they want to change it to what they ran away from so
what the heck do they come for? So maybe things need to change at home and then everyone will be happy.