17 Oct 2010


When your are reading this, I am probably sitting squeezed like a sardine in a can in the airplane taking me to Hurghada at the Red Sea in Egypt. I don't know what happens, but each year the airplanes are getting smaller. I wander if they shrink because of the climate changes (ex Global Warming ?).

Yesterday I packed my suitcase, fortunately there is not a lot of things to take with me as I only have to dress in the evening. The whole day I will wear bathing suits and beach things.

I leave a happy Mr. G. at home, who finally can do what he wants for 2 weeks, that means watching horrible action or war movies, and dressing himself like a homeless. He also doesn't have to shave and can look dirty in his face, I know it is the new fashion that men don't shave for several days and think that they look sexy and virile ! There are certainly some women who like that, but I prefer a soft cheek to a grater.

He only will be terrorized by our 4 cats and will be their slave for 2 weeks. He probably will get up several times per night each time one of the little darlings jumps on his bed and whispers a loud meow in his ears and then he will complain bitterly about his sleepless nights when I come back.

He probably will also be invited by friends and neighbors who think a poor lonesome man can't nourish himself, curiously when he went away in the past nobody invited me.

Next time I will post from my Hotel, hopefully the internet connection will be as good as the last 3 years. I take my little notebook with me.

My hotel (another one than last year) so it will be a surprise

and old friends ... camels !


MaR said...

Wishing you a wonderful vacation and looking forward to your posts!

Maribeth said...

Oh I wish I was going too. This sinus infection is too difficult to get rid of. I need some nice hot sunshine to bake it out of me!

Datsme said...

Hi. Discovered your blog via Shakiras.

Entire day on beach sounds wonderfully enviable. :)

But they way major part of your post spoke about Mr. G, seems like you are gonna miss him rotton :)

Jo said...

Oh Gattina, you must have arrived in Africa by now! I look forward to hearing all about your time in the sun! I love your description about men when we leave them at home alone. And yes, I never am invited out when I've been alone, lol! Have a great holiday my friend. (((Hugs))) Jo, now from South Africa!

A 2 Z said...

Hi Gattina,

Happy trails then! I lived in Qatar last year and enjoyed the really hot weather and the ocean air. Have fun.


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