6 Jan 2010


the day after


Carol Anne said...

Love the lonely chair.

Gena @ thinking aloud said...

happy WW Gattina, and thanks for visiting my blog "Vintage Rose Studio" yesterday for Ruby Tuesday and leaving a lovely comment!!!! Gena
Today's WW is under Thinking Aloud

catsynth said...

I suppose that's a good use for all those useless CD ROMs. I do like the first picture with the solitary chair.

Loree said...

Love the photos of the Christmas trees.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

After Math is History ;)

The morning after my mind still awhirl
Picking at a twirl of crepe ribbon curl
As too many moments pass I linger
Winding it tightly about one finger

From the end, a limp red balloon dangles
Like a reluctant yo-yo Bo Jangles
Absently recalling the night before
When all seemed possible and so much more

Amid the glitter and sparkling lights
Buoyantly floating in helium heights
As though each moment in time could stand still
Capturing us ardently in its will

Now deflated I stuff you in the trash
Wondering how I could have been so rash
Happy WW

Anonymous said...

Are those your beer bottles from partying the night before hmmm? Cute tree :)

caite said...

I think that tree needs a little more work.

Melli said...

I've seen bottles lined up like that! (everytime my boys get together!) LOL!

The CD tree must have been an advertisement for a music store? Or a PC shop? Cute idea though!

fiberdoodles said...

How creative and pretty! Happy Wordless Wednesday and thank you so much for stopping by ;)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Lovely shots. I hate when the decorations need to come down.

Anonymous said...

Great image for the day after!

Marice said...

great before and after shots!

u may view mine here

Dr.John said...

Poor old tree. Did its job and now out it goes.

diane said...

Its all over!

Tinsie said...

What on earth is this?! Please, I know it's WW, but you need to post an explanation :-)