19 Dec 2009


Thursday was the last day of our painting group before the Christmas holidays. Yes, we are young students and have school holidays, although all of us (or nearly) are on holidays permanently.

A few were still eagerly painting, while I had finished or at least I considered my painting finished, but maybe after Christmas I will change my mind and add a second tail to my cat portrait.

The sister of one of our painters moved in with a "Yamaha", not a motorbike, but an electronical piano (or whatever it is called), while she installed herself, a long table was set as a buffet, with coffee, orange juice and very important for most of the students ... Champagne.

There also were three "buches de noël" (Christmas log) , the traditional Christmas cake in Belgium and France. In no time the 3 cakes disappeared in different stomacs and the Champagne bottles emptied quickly too, that it was only 10 am wasn't a problem.

Suddenly one of us started to dance all alone and put everybody in a dancing mood. The old boys got up and fetched a "girl" and swang their old legs. The music was all old stuff you use during weddings when everybody is already more or less tipsy. The woman was a very good player but what she played was really so old fashioned and far too loud, just as if we were already deaf (she usually plays in retirement homes and churches too). Our room is located in Waterloo's retirement home, but even the residents who could hear the music from far, complained. It was too funny !

still some students working

The party began

Diane started to dance

the "buches de noël"

Look at the young boys !

We had a real nice morning as you can see !


diane said...

Mmmm the Christmas Log looks delicious and you all had a happy time. Lovely to see. Wow I haven't danced for years.

Gledwood said...

You always look so happy Gattina ~ what's your secret?

Melli said...

LOL! I LOVE it! I will come dance too! Some of your artists do LOVELY work - they really do! That rooster is looking top notch! And the angel... I bet it will be beautiful! You really do have FUN in that class!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm one of those while the cats away the mouse will dance with young boys? LOL Great photos. Looks like you all had a great time :)

Nicolanondoc said...

Meravigliosa Gattina :-) buon fine settimana :-)

claudie said...

La bûche de Noël looks delicious! The christmas atmosphere was in the air and people were dancing! Sounds a very nice moment!