20 Sept 2009


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The central station of Brussels has been enlarged and new accesses and space for shops added.

Before I entered the station I saw something new which hadn't existed before. Just in front of the Novotel, besides the station you can rent a bicycle ! Business men swing your botton on the saddle !

The new entrance which looks very elegant

inside not a lot of people, but a strange atmosphere

There only was a young man training yuggling. There was a lot of space !

When I took a picture of the wooden escalator, the lights made my photo like this

waiting for my train

a look on the other platform

and finally my train arrived

As it is very hard to find a parking space in Brussels' center, I put my car at the Waterloo station and take the train. In 20 min I am in the center with no parking worries.


Tara R. said...

That is an amazing train station. The colors in the escalator shot are very interesting. Nicely done.

diane b said...

Those bikes are a good idea. They are in many cities now to help keep cars out. That railway station is very modern and empty. I like the shot on the platform with its sweeping curves into the background of the picture.

claudie said...

Bikes is a nice way to move in big towns! So ecologist! the station is very modern! train is a way to go i use so often since Pierre works at the trainstation!
I survived the beginning of school and hope to be more present now!

Cassandra Kinaviaq Rae said...

Great trip & photos!

Unknown said...

It looks nice and redone! Why does the man juggle? Does he want people to give him change? Very interesting. I don't take public transportation too often but I would LOVE the convenience of not looking for parking places!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing train station my friend. It looks wonderful :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What a cool train station! You got some great perspectives too.

Alice said...

It surely didn't look like that when we caught our train to Paris, but maybe we were in a different section.

Very smart station.....surely it can't be that empty all the time?

Amy said...

I love the escalator picture! The station looks rather like an art museum!

Gabriel said...

What beautiful pictures, Gattina! Man, I wish I could go back to Belgium soon... it's been way too long! :-)

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you have a great week!