15 Jul 2008


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Queen Victoria's bloomers on sale

The bloomers will be auctioned on 30 July in Mackworth
A pair of bloomers that apparently belonged to Queen Victoria are to be auctioned off in Derby.
The knickers have a 50in (127cm) waist and date from the 1890s, which indicates the monarch had a large girth as she approached her 70s. Hanson's Auctioneers are selling the bloomers on 30 July and expect them to fetch at least £500. I wonder how her chair looked like ? and her throhn must have had XXXL size !

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M&S defends 'tax on bigger bras'
Marks & Spencer has defended a policy of charging extra on some of its bras that are bigger than a size DD. The retailer said that the added cost - typically £2 - was "standard industry practice".
M&S added it found most customers "were happy to pay a small premium for the specialist work" needed to make larger sizes of their bras. I don't feel concerned, but looking at the pants above, Victoria would have had to pay a double tax !

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Jolie doctor was nervous at birth
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's doctor has admitted he felt added pressure delivering the couple's twin babies because of their fame. Oscar-winning actress Jolie gave birth to son Knox Leon and daughter Vivienne Marcheline by Caesarean section in France on Saturday.
When asked on Europe 1 radio whether he was nervous beforehand, Dr Michel Sussmann said, "for sure". He added: "It's true that there was pressure due to the couple's fame. Poor man ! of course to work on (or in) a famous womb is different than the one of Mrs. Smith !

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Feminists in France put beards on statues
Female activists of a group called "La Barbe" (the beard) put colored beards on the three statues on the place de la République in Paris. Their spokesman said that they would come back each year until France has a female president. I think about buying some beards and do the same here !

CAMILLA went to war yesterday, donning a combat jacket to inspect her troops.

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The Duchess of Cornwall, Royal Colonel to 4th Battalion The Rifles, met soldiers and families at their barracks in Bulford, Wilts. She also gave out bravery and other awards. Oh my God she is without hat !! She must feel quite naked !

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An eyeful ... Prince Charles
Prince Charles had a tougher assignment.
He had to watch as PC Naomi Rothwell-Smith had physio on a back injury at the Police Rehab Centre near Oxford. The part-time model, 27, from Warwickshire, said: “He was a bit like my dad.” Even without daughterly feelings I would refuse this kind offer !


Puss-in-Boots said...

Now that's the kind of news I like...especially with your comments. As for Queen Vic's knickers...eewww, I really don't think I'd like to buy those.

Anonymous said...

I would never take part in the group La Barbe! but sure I'd like to have a woman president!
I will try to be activ this afternoon. I gardened all the morning under the sun! And this night I cleaned my house to 2 hours in the night because I had to take Anaïs who was in a night club!
Encore sans premier ministre! J'espère quand même que la Belgique ne va pas se scinder en deux?! Ici chez nous c'est pas la joie non plus tu me diras. Kenstein à part bling blinger!!! Je vois pas très bien la ligne directrice de sa politique!

Melli said...

Oh my! I always thought the Queen was petite -- where'd I get THAT notion!?

We pay higher prices for larger clothes of ALL kinds here! If it goes into ... what do they call them... Big & Tall sizes? The price goes up a few dollars! T-shirts, pants - anything!

Maribeth said...

I so missed your compiled news while you were on vacation. Especially the Royals part. Glad youare home!

Anonymous said...

Yes, imagine dear Camilla "sans chapeau"! And now I'm really wondering who will buy the queen's knickers -- and WHY!?


Pamela said...

I wonder why the beard? You'd think they'd be putting bras on statues instead.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

From what I read Belgium cannot get any government to work, men or women. Perhaps, it is the women's turn.

If i was a Belgium politician I would be worried. The country seems to carry on well without them.