13 Mar 2008


13 Training courses for men

1. Learn how to live without mum ( 2000 hours)

2. My wife is not my mother, my nurse or my servant (550 h)

3. How to handle the remote control syndrome (200 h)

4. How not to sprinkle the toilet (100 h with video and practical excercises)

5. How not to transform the bathroom into a public swimming pool (150 h)

6. How to survive a cold without thinking that the last hour is near (250 h)

7. How to choose clothing alone (200 h)

8. How to find the dirty laundry basket without getting lost (150 h)

9. How to learn the definition of a vacuum cleaner and to use it (300 h)

10. How to use houshold appliances (250 h)
on = start
off = stop

11. How to prepare Quick soups without burning the water, practical excercises to prepare Spaghettis, first boil water then add spaghettis etc (300 h)

12. How to prepare coffee and serve it without inondations (150 h)

13. How to prepare chips in oil and not cook them in water


MaR said...

LOL, we will be all signing up our beloved men for these courses!! Nr. 2 should be printed in all leaflets for the courses :)
Loved the cartoon with the "lights"!!
Happy Thursday!

pussreboots said...

My husband has passed all of these except #8. LOL. Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

When can they start with the training? heheh

Hootin' Anni said...

It only took my hubby about 10 minutes to learn that I wasn't his mother! After his comment that my post roast wasn't done like his mom's....he wore gravy for a while back then!!

Thanks for visiting me and reading my Thursday's entry!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Mom says her Mr. X never did get anything on that list, except #12... He could make decent coffee.

Melli said...

WELL! I am SO glad you found a class for yourself to keep you occupied while Mr. Gattino takes all THESE classes!!! You will enjoy it, I know!!!

maryt/theteach said...

Great suggestions, Gattina! Now we have to get them to read them and take the courses... Ha!

Chelle Y. said...

Those are hilarious and SO true!

Anonymous said...

How about how to clean the toilet once in a awhile. This could be a long list.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

My Poor Hubby isn't actually this bad, but I can't help but applaud #'s 2 & 8. Thanks for the :)

Laura Brown said...

Nice list. It's always fun to laugh at men especially when it's not mean spirited.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe those were cute, but my hubby ain't gonna like it. He says it our fault men are this way because we spoil our boy children, and he has kind of a point there.... :-) However, they are still funny!!

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign my husband up for the toilet classes?:) Great list!

Lazy Daisy said...

How funny. Where do sign Mr. Wonderful up?

Anonymous said...

Okay, where do I sign up the BF for these courses?

Pamela said...

I was one of those lucky women who married a better wife than I am

Anonymous said...

Those were hilarious. My husband has passed a few of them, but he's got a long way to go still!

thanks for visiting mine!