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1. On Monday I pulled all my courage together to go shopping for the most essential things, like toilet paper for example. Our street was still covered with snow, as it is a little street and mostly forgotten by the truck which grits the roads with salt. I had to drive very carefully like on a skating ring, fortunately the main road was cleaned.

Mr. G. had to clean his snow covered car and wasn't happy at all with that, because it cost him some effort ! Our little  cat statues in the garden wore all white hats !

2.The most exciting happening this week, was the electricity break down ! I was just in our guestroom to take a shower and waited that the room was warm enough to get undressed, when suddenly I was standing in a completely black hole ! Fortunately it's not so big and I groped my way to the door ! There I saw light, it was Mr. G. with a torch who wanted to check the fuses. Everything was OK, he then looked out of the door as our windows were all closed with electric shutters ! The whole street was in the dark !

Meanwhile I had called Dominique to know if she too was without electricity and she was. While we kept conversation on our mobiles (the telephone didn't work either) she was looking for some candles in the moonlight and then finally found them but without matches. But as a non smoker she found a lighter.

Of course meanwhile everybody had called the Electricity service and an answering machine told us that around midnight we would be lightened again ! It was 10.30. We went to bed and I read my book with the torch, when suddenly an hour later my digital frame showed myself on a camel ! The micro wave started with the help of a ghost and Dominique got a shock because somebody was in her office, but it was only the printer which had started to work, what normally it refuses ! This event showed us how much we depend on electricity ! And I imagined with horror myself standing naked in the black bathroom !

Such electricity cuts only happen very seldom, and for a very short time I can't even remember when it happened last time ! 

3. A friend had told me that I could also use coal briquets in our open fire

After our Electricity black out I bought two packages and we tried it out ! It worked perfectly and heated much more then logs only. At least sitting in front of the open fire would keep us warm !  Since 2 days now, we light the open fire hearth it adds some more heat and looks cosy.


From our four cats only Arthur enjoys the snow, especially as litter box, it's so easy and soft to dig a little hole in the snow.

She used a painting of hers as avatar

In the afternoon I went to my friend Ilona to install Skype on her computer. In her street it was even worse then in mine, I really had to walk very carefully, because the street was covered with ice and very slippery. After some cups of tea and chats, I downloaded Skype for her and when I came home I called her to see if it worked and it did ! Only I couldn't see or hear her, because she has to buy a webcam, but she could see and here me. I showed her the puppets I use with grandson Toby and she had a lot of fun. Everything new is always fun !

5. My neighbor had go go to the hospital again to get her shot in one eye against the Macula a disease which cannot be healed but at least stopped from becoming blind. She takes it easy and with humor, because she said she anyway has not the choice so we had a funny ride to the hospital and back. The main streets were clean in Brussels and besides some very aggressive drivers we had no problem.

I have got two cat presents again, the white one from my friend Chantal for Christmas and the teapot from another neighbor as a thank you because we took care of their cat during the holidays. I think I need an exposition shed in the garden, the house slowly becomes too crowded !


  1. Wow, I can't believe the effort you have to get to town in those icy conditions! You're kind to help your neighbor with her regular shots. I'm sure she appreciates it. Glad you're safe and warm with your fire! I just LOVE your new cats (and Arthur in his ice-toilet!). My friend in the Cape (SA) has an identical cat to the one you have lying on its back - hers is a wooden one and she uses it to keep the visitor's book open in her Guest House. I simply love the cat-teapot too. Hope you have a warm weekend. Jo

  2. That must be awful going shopping in those conditions, Even though it is too hot here to go out and play at least we can drive in air conditioned cars safely except for other idiot divers. The caption under Arthur should read "How about giving a man a little privacy at this moment!"

  3. What different lives we lead. I am suffering record breaking 45c degree heat and bush fires everywhere and must stay home with the air cond.
    Arthur, I hope you know spring will come, the snow will melt and whatever you are doing now by using the snow as a litter tray will be exposed for all to see.
    Love the cat tea pot.

  4. Hi Gattina .. we're just not used to this weather here in the UK - you get it worse on the continent.

    Love the photos and hearing how you coped with the blackout - when it affects everyone I feel ok .. as I know it'll get fixed .. electric shutters can't help though!!

    We're waiting for our snow - it probably won't be too awful ... cheers Hilary

  5. I love that photo of all the white. Including a white cat!! Brilliant.

  6. Glad you were safe in all the snow! And I am glad the power outage didn't last too long. Ours can go out some times in bad weather, and I just hate when it does.

    We have a gas fireplace, and I find I don't like it nearly as much as a real one -- it has a bad smell when we run it. The coals are a good idea.

  7. Goodness, all that snow! I'm glad the cat enjoyed it. Not sure what mine would think...

  8. My cat is used to snow but she doesn't like it much. She always holds one paw up in the air when she's out :)

    We have a woodstove and kerosene lamps as well as flashlights and a wind-up radio. When you live on an Island you have to be prepared for black-outs. They used to happen more often. Only 2 or 3 times a year now usually in blizzards. We don't mind them much as long as it doesn't go on too long. Once we had an ice-storm and it lasted for 3 days - that was too long!

    Hope your weather gets warmer sooner.

  9. Snow comes with its whole set of problems and delights... We are very thankful for the drought relief.

  10. Wow. Sounds like you have had quite a Winter already! Glad that you have figured out how to keep heat in the house! Enjoyed your FFF! Simply God's Girl

  11. cute cats!

    we still have a wall mounted phone and it works even if the electricity goes out.

  12. I love the picture of the white cat in the snow.

    A good thing you now have a heat source if you lose electricity again!

  13. It always makes for an interesting time when the power goes out! Not real good when it goes out with snow outside. Brrr.
    Glad you had torches...we call them flash lights. I like "torches" better...

  14. My MIL had to have those shots in the eye too. It's good to know your friend takes it with such grace. I can't imagine having that done.

    That looks like quite the snowfall you've had. Stay safe and warm. Lucky you having a fireplace to snuggle up by!

  15. Now, THAT is snow! And you even lost power -- wow. Glad you made it through that.

    Love the little kitty teapot...

  16. You seem to have survived the electricity black out just fine. I like the idea of having the coal for fires to keep warm.
    Cute little kitty presents.


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