4 Aug 2021


I almost could say it was raining, when I heard a motor noise. Looking out of the kitchen window I saw a lawn mower with a "roof", a strange machine I had never seen. A man was sitting on the seat of the machine and drove up and down the lawn !

 With a machine like that even I could have mowed the lawn ! 

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  1. Just call him the boy who mows your lawns.

  2. Here we have fully-enclosed machines like that, with air conditioning!

  3. This is definitely the best way to mow extra-large lawns. We have similar in my part of the world as well as mowing robotic machines that randomly criss-cross yards on their own!

  4. That sure is a fancy lawn mower!! We can only dream of such a thing here, our shed is too small to hold one of those...but it sure would take less than the three to six hours to mow our yard and woodsy weeded regions of our property with push mower. At least it is self propelled, sigh...

  5. They always come up with new inventions. A mower with a roof sounds ideal to protect the person from sun and rain.

  6. From a distance that does look like a roof on the lawn mower, but looking more closely... the black top part is actually the top of the thing that collects the cut grass, and is behind the seat.
    Now having a suction thing that picks up the cut grass, that is fancy!


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