19 Mar 2020


The prompt of this week's One liner Wednesday is :

What small things in your life do you now have time to make great?

I don't know small things in my life and what is a small thing ? A plant which becomes suddenly a tree ? Really I have no idea what I should make great now.

Of course as I am retired, I have more time to do my hobbies, which means that I can take pictures and change them but if that means that they are great afterwards, I have my doubts, that's the same with my second hobby painting. I paint mostly acrylic, but I doubt that once I will become a great painter.

All this doesn't bother me I am quite happy with my life, I have no serious health problems, but I have problems with the new Government instructions for the Belgian population to fight against the Coronavirus.

We are confined at home, that means we are not allowed to go out, except for shopping (half an hour) I don't know who will control that. All shops or shopping centers are closed except those who sell food. Pharmacies remain open too. I have the feeling to live in another world. The cashier girl is dressed like a nurse with rubber gloves and mask. Only 1 person per 10 square meters are allowed to be in the shop. There are security guards everywhere. All surgeries are cancelled unless your life is in danger. All hospital beds are for Coronavirus patients. If you don't have a very serious problem at your teeth, don't try to go to a dentist they are closed. Hairdressers are allowed to take one client !

You are allowed to walk outside and take some fresh air, but only alone or two people together with the legal distance of 1.50 m. I don't know where we have to put the old grandma or grandpa or the child if you are a couple. Maybe they have to walk alone at distance and who pushes the wheelchair ? Police is controlling if there are not 5 people sitting on one bench. You risk a fine of 300 to 8000 Euros.

My head is exploding from all these interdictions.

Finally you don't know anymore what is allowed and what is not allowed. As restaurants and cafes are also closed, you have to cook yourself because no the take away  anymore of Hamburgers and Pizzas that is now is closed too. Too dangerous for the personal. Some restaurants not to loose too much money sell their plates as take aways.

Theoretically I am not allowed to visit a friend and if she needs something I have to ring the doorbell and put the things in front of her door and run away ! At the same time you are allowed to invite one person but keep a distance of 1.50 m !

OK I would accept all that if ALL countries would do the same ! But not at all, the UK which is 300 km far from Brussels; separated by the sea, nothing is closed and people live as if there was no Corona Virus and if it could swim over to Belgium ? In the Netherlands our neighbor with a distance of 200 km only the restaurants and bars and pubs are closed but the coffee shops where you can smoke your canabis remains open. Maybe it is a medication for the Virus

And this mess  will last until the 3 or 5th of April, they gave two dates, where apparently we are supposed to be in no danger anymore.

Now I am really curious who will win the challenge, the countries which did nothing or only a little against this virus or the once who locked us up and kept us in prison.

BTW we are not allowed to travel either !!

Hey girls ! Keep a distance of 1.50 m

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  1. I know it sounds barbaric and it is hard to live like that but I bet your country gets less deaths and contaminated people by doing that. We are slowly moving into more restrictions and our schools are still open but the number of cases is rising rapidly and some say we are heading in the same way as Italy. I.m happy to stay at home and catch up with all my hobbies. It will be interesting to see if we flatten the curve.

  2. Our area is not that strict yet but it may change suddenly.
    I was planning a trip to Japan in May but am sure it has to change.

  3. Once this has passed, I wonder what we will be saying about it a year from now?
    Were the quarantines necessary?
    Did we overreact?
    Did we not do enough?

    Stay strong and kitty on Gattina!

  4. We are being told to carry out social distancing and from this weekend those over 70 or with specific health issues or pregnant are bing asked to self isolate. We have stayed at home but I think we will soon be going crazy. Shopping is a nightmare but finally our supermarkets are limiting how much you can buy so hopefully it will settle down.

  5. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. We are supposed to be practising social distancing and I am okay with that. But people are also saying we should not go out. But for how long will people obey? We went for a drive today and stopped somewhere to eat some sandwiches. It gets tiring being indoors all the time.

  6. All restaurants, cafes and bars are closed and that includes coffee shops. You are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke/use in any of those establishments. However, you are allowed to take-away and that is what a lot of those places are doing now: take-away and deliver. Just to make sure they keep ticking over. Today my dad wanted to get some fish and he bought a herring to eat immediately, but had to go outside to do so. After finishing and when his order was complete, he could come in again to pick up and go home.

  7. Boris Johnson of Britain might lose his chair for not taking things seriously right from the beginning.
    In Israel tough mesures are being taken against those that run away from quarantine. The secret services are involved in detecting corona infected people.

  8. Your restrictions are more severe than here. It will be interesting to see what works. Numbers of infections are not the only way to measure success, but how well the health system can cope.

  9. Here in United States it would be nice if we all got on same so called page

  10. The rules here are staring to get confusing. I am the age to self isolate but I think I can still go to the supermarket and I hope a walk in the park. The library is open restricted hours only, if it closes I might just go insane. I have lots of sewing and knitting to do so that might keep me a bit quiet. And I have enough toilet paper so all is well.

  11. I appreciate the smiles, always needed. But we are taking this seriously.

  12. We do have some restrictions now in place.


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