1 Nov 2019


Another week went by it seems to me that when I wake up on Monday morning, it's right away Friday afternoon  ! But of  course things are happening.

Like last week I was the forth one in Scrabble or if you prefer the second from the last one ! As one of us had her husband in the way, she brought the cake over to me, mine was away playing Whist.

It's always nice to play together, as we are all different. I don't care if I loose or not I play for fun, but there are 3 of us who are real players and get angry when they don't find the right word, or if somebody (apparently me) is talking while she can't concentrate.

Mr. G. and I had finally found a restaurant, in fact Mr. G. found it and it is even Italian. They do a Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays and not only on Sundays.

There was even a Halloween decoration at the entrance !

Our golden Wedding will be celebrated on November 16 in the City Hall where the Maire receives all Waterloo couples who are married 50 years. When the celebration is over we wanted to take family and friends for a brunch. So we were very happy to have found one. I just have to bring some decoration the day before.

Nicole who often suffers from back ache had got a device with electrodes (I think so) to try out. The patches are put where it hurts. Another friend in the same case came to try it out too, I just watched because fortunately I don't suffer from back aches. They both were very satisfied and said it helps and that they felt much better. Now both want to buy this machine, which looks like a balance with wires and patches. We had a laughing session for free !

My finished painting from last week which was pink and now fortunately red, and our witch

Although there are one week school holidays in Belgium which is called "All Saint's" holidays, we had decided to continue painting "school" and have our usual classes ! Yes, in this case we are doing overtime. One had brought along a Halloween witch, which we considered as a new student ! We had a lot fun with our pouring and the results ! Sometimes more then surprising and never as you wanted it to be !

The one I did this week,  now I am curious how it will be once dry !
After class, six of us went together to a nice Greek restaurant and enjoyed a roasted rapid in mustard sauce with of course Belgian fries !

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Andrew said...

Roasted rabbit (lapin) at the Greek restaurant?

The celebration for your 50 year marriage should be wonderful.

You talk too much during Scrabble? I don't believe it.

Tamago said...

You are very lucky not to suffer back pain! I've tried the device which I think is something similar your friends used and it sure made me feel good :-)
Love your pour painting!

Barbara H. said...

I wish my family enjoyed playing Scrabble. I play something similar, Words with Friends, online with a few friends. It's nice you found a good place for your upcoming brunch. Good to plan ahead. I can't wait to hear about the golden wedding celebration in your town! My husband has something similar to what you described, a TENS unit. He has pain in his feet, and it really seems to help him. I haven't tried it.

William Kendall said...

Happy Anniversary!

Susanne said...

Fifty years!! That is amazing and should be celebrated. Congratulations to you and Mr. G. I love the colors in the red and yellow pour painting.

Susan @ FruitfulWords said...

It’s wonderful that you found a restaurant for after your 50th anniversary celebration. Congrats to the both of you. That is quite a commitment and is quite commendable.
Your newest painting is lovely. And since I like surprises, I think it would be fun to do this.
Doing overtime is never a heartache when you enjoy the “subject.“
Have a great week.
Susan from FruitfulWords.com

Wendy said...

I like your latest painting - very vibrant. We've had school holidays here too although not all schools had the same week and some even had 2 weeks. Those Belgian fries look very tempting.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I loved Belgian Fries, where is the mayonnaise? I thought I’d never like fries without catchup (how we grew up eating them), but I learned in your country that they are delicious with mayo! Glad you found a good restaurant for brunch and your Golden Celebration. Yay.