13 Sep 2019


It was Mireilles turn to feed 3 hungry girls after scrabble with delicious Belgian  cake and coffee. I was third on 4 always better then the last one !

I have 6 aqua gym classes to catch up, because I went on holidays when everybody was there. I thought I would go Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Which I did. The class where I was only guest, was not as nice as ours, all sour looking women and not a smile. The animator was a girl from the Philippines and she was very nice as last !

Sir Arthur (or also rebaptized Brexit, because he never knows if he wants to stay inside or go out) was really not in a good shape, he had lost a lot of weight and didn't eat very well on top he had his eyes watering. Strangely he didn't protest too much when I pushed him in the carrier and took him to my good old vet who I have now for over 25 years. We could take him out of the cage without getting killed, and she stated that he had bad teeth and also needed an antibiotic shot. As all old cats (he will be 18) he has kidney troubles. I told her to do what is necessary but not more, that's what she did and when I picked him up, he was still a bit asleep and wiggle waggled in this corner where he had never slept so far !

Poor Arthur in the car, and then at home recovering.

Fortunately the vet has done a good job because now he eats again and gets slowly back to his own self. We love our Arthur so much that we were very worried.

I had to renew my passport, had applied in July for an appointment and got it for September ! I had all my papers ready and made a photocopy of everything in case they needed more then one.

I knew this borough where the embassy was,  very well when my father worked for the EU, and the embassies of several countries are now there. It took me an hour to get there because of "normal" traffic, it was only 16 km. I didn't recognize anything, didn't even know where I was ! Of course since 60 years everything has changed. All the old beautiful houses were gone and were replaced as everywhere by the standard boxes.  Fortunately my GPS guided me.

I was lucky and found a parking space close to the embassy.

Just  in front of an abandonned new built with graffitis written on the walls against the National extremists and the French President Macron. Also something with dear Donald.

Here was the German embassy, the Morrocan and the Swedish

Some clever person had opened a restaurant/snack here for the people working around.

Everything went very smooth, the employee was very friendly, I left my fingerprints, signed the papers, said good by and left. Now it will take from 5 to 6 weeks until I get my new passport back.

Miss GPS showed me another way to drive home, much shorter and quicker. Suddenly my phone rang, I stopped the car and answered. It was the embassy's employee who asked if I could come back because I had signed with my family name and not with my maiden name !! I really got angry since 50 years I have always signed like that on all papers and documents and even on my old passport, and now suddenly I should learn a new signature ! Crazy ! But as law is law, and rules are rules and everybody is narrow minded, I have to go back tomorrow and sign with a new signature !! Between us I have the whole night to exercise a new one !!

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DUTA said...

I applied for the renewal of my romanian passport end of May, and got an appointment for.. beginning of September (almost 3 months).I'll have to go get it, God willing, at the end of October.
I'm sad to hear the cat has problems, but I smiled at his new name - Brexit (as I 've recently written a post on the Brexit subject).
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tamago said...

Maybe Arthur didn't protest much as he knew he needed the vet. I'm glad he is eating again and getting better xo

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad Arthur is doing better. It's so frustrating when some little detail holds up paperwork and getting things done--and adds another long drive and lots of time. I hope it gets successfully wrapped up for you next time.

William Kendall said...

Arthur is a sweetie.

Wendy said...

I'm glad Arthur is doing better. It's a worry as they get older. What a nuisance about the passport and signature. It seems to take a long time too. The last time I had to renew my passport it was quite easy. I did it online and it came quite quickly.

Andrew said...

Very funny about changing Arthur's name to Brexit. Good to hear he is a bit better. Very odd about the signature.

Willow said...

I hope old Arthur stays well and doesn't get into more difficulties that require shots.
My daughter is renewing her passport and getting new ones for her children. It's also a long and tedious (and detailed) process. I'm glad you have found a faster way to get to the embassy.
Have a happy weekend!

Susanne said...

Poor Arthur. Glad the vet was able to give him something to help make him feel better. I hate when our pets get sick. Wow, renewing your passport sounds like it was quite frustrating. I don't think I've heard of having to sign with a maiden name?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh red tape is the same everywhere, too bad you had to make two trips. My birth certificate says my name is Sarah because the priest said I had to have a name that was in the Bible. But I was always called Sallie (a nickname for Sarah). But to get my first passport, my name had to match my birth certificate, so I had to change everything. After all this time, it still feels like forgery when I sign my name “Sarah”, as I have never been called that in my life. . Did get to use my married last name though, just had to find our wedding certificate...... Had to laugh at Arthur’s new name “Brexitl I’m glad your good Vet could help him.