14 Jan 2019


Some years ago, when I was still working a fellow worker asked me if I could keep his cat for a week as he had to go on a business trip. I knew his cat, a very quiet and cuddly cat, also very social. I told him to bring Otto along just to see if he wouldn't fight with my female cat Piccola. That's what he did and there was no problem at all, they liked each other immediately.

Therefore Otto spent a week holidays in our apartment where we lived at that time. In the middle of the apartment was a rather big hall from where all doors were leading to the different rooms. One door was a mirror ! Otto loved the mirror or rather the reflection of himself. As soon as he had discovered his "twin" he walked along the mirror tail up and in parade position and admired himself. He tried to sniff at this cat, but only found the rather cold mirror. Then he discovered that the reflection did the same moves as he did. He lifted a paw, the other cat lifted a paw too. He turned left and then right and the cat in the mirror did the same. And we watched him and laughed our heads off. No TV needed !

Otto also was happy, he admired himself each day and spent long hours in front of the mirror and watched  the strange cat who did exactly what he did too. I think he spent very nice holidays !

Not all cats can see their reflection in a mirror. They stare at it but don't see nothing. That's the case of my 3 cats. I can put them in front of a mirror or a wall the result is the same.

Others see another cat and start to fight

Or they watch their reflection for hours with a very mistrustful look

sometimes it also happens that they are scared and run away

or they watch their reflection for hours to see if it moves or not

Some become affectionate

Or are very surprised to see something in this strange frame.



  1. Interesting post and not something I have thought about. We've never had a cat or dog who has been interested in their reflection or even tv.

  2. I smiled all through reading this post. I have had several cats that did this.
    Lili will see her reflection and freak out thinking there is another White German Shepherd in our house! LOL!
    Of course, sometimes I look in the mirror and I freak out too! Certainly, that cannot be me!

  3. That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing, and I appreciate the photos, too.

  4. I never had a floor mirror, so wouldn't know how my cats would have reacted.
    That Otto is a beautiful cat (I love red cats).

  5. Otto's a grand fellow.

    I remember one of the cats sitting on my mother's dresser, seeing her reflection in the mirror, and looking behind it. Then she seemed to make the connection.

  6. It must have been such a delight to live with Otto while he was at your apartment. What a funny and handsome kitty!
    And all the images are hilarious. My kitties are like yours and don't care about the kitties in the mirror :-)

  7. Otto is good name for Cat.
    Coffee is on

  8. That's both funny and interesting!
    The cats that see their reflection in the mirror react differently; your own cats see nothing in the mirror, which is interesting too. You've got an observant nature, Gattina!

  9. Such fun, watching the cats with a mirror would make for a great afternoon entertainment.

  10. What great photos. You are very observant. I have never noticed cats doing that or any other pets.

  11. Very interesting! I have two cats and neither one of them will look in a mirror. I have held them up to the bathroom mirror, but they just turn their heads away like it was a blank wall. They like the TV though, and will watch nature programs. I think they can see the computer screen, but are just not interested in it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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