14 Aug 2017


As so often on weekends the weather got worse and worse, it rained and it was cold I even had to put on the heating. Poor Claudie never thought that a month of August could be so cold up north, when her husband called he was complaining about the heatwave they had !

Fortunately it cleared up in the afternoon and we took the opportunity to visit a museum nearby in Genval, I knew it  but I had never been there. The "Musée de l'eau et de la fontaine" (Museum of Water and Fountains)

It had been created in 1989, the Museum focuses on reflection on the current challenges of water and its importance. From city fountains to farm fountains to fountains of ceremonies, we saw them all.

What we all take for granted today had been very difficult in the past !

It was very interesting to see when people had to "order water" and a water carrier came and brought it, or in villages the women pumping up water from the wells. In fact it was like it is still today in African countries.

After this interesting discovery we had a drink at the lake Genval. It was nice to sit there and

look over the lake.

In the evening we were invited for supper and Claudie had another opportunity to see how we live here.

On her last day we went to "Flower Time" in Brussels on the Grand'Place. It is a beautiful flower show, which takes place alternatively with the flower carpet each two years.  One part is outside on the place, the other in Brussels city hall. All rooms are decorated with flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Fortunately I had learned to book the tickets online, because when we arrived there were so many people queuing up that they had at least to wait for 2 h for their tickets. Claudie and I walked through the second line and people looked angrily at us probably thinking that we were some kind of VIP or just cheating. In no time we were inside and could admire the flower arrangements. 

Inside the city hall, where all rooms very decorated by different artists.

It was really wonderful to see. I will write about it later.

When we came out the queue was even longer ! Apparently people hadn't learned yet that they can order online or even use their smartphone. I had seen this for the first time in London last year when I visited Buckingham palace  for the first time. With my online tickets I didn't have to wait and could go straight in.

If you want to see how it was 2 years ago here is Flower time 2015


more participants here


Andrew said...

The trouble here with booking tickets online is that a booking fee is imposed. It is not much, but I really don't agree with the extra charge.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Finely it cooled off here.

Lea said...

Beautiful flowers, and I like the view of the lake, too!
Have a wonderful week!

carol l mckenna said...

Lovely floral macro shot ~ gorgeous yellow colors ~ and what a great weekend you had at the museum ~ ^_^

Tamago said...

The flower show looks amazing! Great photos! Good thing you booked tickets online and didn't have to wait in line :-)

Mara said...

I saw a bit about the flower fest on the Belgian news last week I think. I had to think of you then. (Yes, I can see the Belgian and Dutch news, even some other programs which usually are quite boring, since they always seem to deal with football or cycling).

pilch92 said...

Looks like an interesting museum.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I would love that show ... I'm a lazy flower lover ... don't grow them myself, but love to admire other people's efforts and talent!