2 Jul 2017


Today I had to leave my hotel where I stayed for two nights and had to move over to the "Red Cow" ! I hadn't unpacked my suitcase so I only had to take out something new to wear. For the last time I had my special breakfast a scone with cream and fresh blueberries and coffee, while the majority was busy with the English breakfast. For me it would have been a lunch.

A taxi took me over to the Red Cow it was not far away but I didn't want to pull my suitcase over several km.  I arrived early, already around 1 pm and got a single room ! I had payed for a double room, so I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I have to share my room with somebody else later on the tour.

I haven't met a lot of people yet, apparently we are 38. Our tour guide is a young man called Mark.

I like the hotel, it looks very English, in its style, at least it is not "zen" in black, dark grey and white ! I prefer it cozy and not zen !

I like to drink alcohol free beer, because I don't like sodas, they are all too sweet. As I don't drink any alcohol, I have no choice but water. But here in Dublin they had a brand called Erdinger, wherever I went for a drink. The only problem was the bottle was huge ! The first time I ordered alcohol free beer they asked me if I want a glass. Now I am a lady at least I pretend to and don't drink out of a bottle. To my surprise I got a glass full of ice cubes ! Ice cubes in my beer ? Impossible. I asked another glass and enjoyed my beer without ice.

And that happened everywhere ! Finally I asked why they put ice cubes in beer ??? And I was told that a lady is served in a glass and therefore with ice cubes while a gentlemen drinks out of the bottle !! Other countries other uses ! Now I pay attention and always ask without ice.

The weather still behaves good, sometimes even the sun came out, as long as it doesn't rain there is nothing to complain.

Tonight we will have our first supper together and meet each other and the next day we drive to Belfast !


Mara said...

I will remember to have to drink from the bottle in that case! Mind you, I do drink beer with alcohol as well, or when in Ireland a nice whiskey...

Jo said...

I laughed at the ice in beer issue. I have soda water and am VERY fussy. It has to be a full glass of ice, a slice of lemon and then only pour the soda. I look forward to "meeting" your fellow travelers with you.

Blogoratti said...

A fine looking establishment indeed. Must be nice out there, wish you all the best!

mamasmercantile said...

Glad to hear the weather is behaving and the wind has dropped. Looks like a wonderful hotel, hopefully you will enjoy your stay and new companions.

Tamago said...

The hotel sure looks very cozy, and lovely! Besutiful decoration with flowers!
I've never seen anyone drinking beer with ice. Interesting it's only for ladies. I like my soda and I prefer to drink it from glass without ice :-)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hmmm ... i have never tasted non-alcoholic beer, but that big bottle would have scared me (LOL) -- lot of liquid, even if it is safe! And yuk to ice -- I don't even like it in my water.