23 Jun 2017


1. Since 1976 Belgium never had such a hot weather, and that was in July and not in June ! 35 °C (95 F) and no rain since a long time. Everything is dry the grass yellow and people walk around in slow motion. We are not used to such a hot weather ! Accordingly was my week ! It started by getting up opening all windows to let the cool (?) air in and than close the shutters to keep the warmth out. Moving as less as possible.

2. Same as n° 1 only I went to aqua gym, and we found that even the water was too hot, in winter we complain that it is not warm enough ! The only place which is bearable is my car and I could drive around the whole day, because it has air conditioning ! The stores and shops too, I could also spend my day sitting in a chair in the bank observing who is rich and who is not, private houses have no airconditioning or only very few. What we usually need here is heating and an umbrella against the rain but not the sun !

3. I had my new smart phone connected to wifi everywhere. To try it out I googled for something in a big store. Notifications are announced with a chirp of a bird and when I was connected my phone started to chirp and everybody around looked at me wondering where the bird was ! The only action I did this day was returning to aqua gym I had to catch up a day. Top theme .... the hot weather ! 
Late evening I heard that a terrorist had been killed in the central station in Brussels, and that the station was closed. Nobody was hurt, fortunately he had been killed in time. People now take it easy, we are getting used to it that's better otherwise you would always live in fear. Anyway what an idea to commit an attack in this heat !

4. We were asked to put water out for birds and other animals, which I did, not necessarily for the birds because of my killer cats, but for hedgehogs or foxes. I am lucky to live outside Brussels in an open area where at least there is some air. The poor people in the city can't sleep in this heat.

I also went to Ilona and we sat under her lilac tree and drank some "Champagne" without alcohol. It tasted very good and we emptied the whole bottle.

5. Reluctantly I went to my painting class, because it's always very warm there, our class is in the festivity room of the city's retirement home. And as old people are always freezing the heat is accordingly. But to my big surprise they had air conditioning installed and it was nice an cool while we painted. Outside it was even more hot the temperatures climbed up to 36°C, ! The rest of the day I spent outside under our pergola at least there it was a bit windy.

Probably on Monday I will complain about cold and rainy weather, this heat can't last forever !!

Mr. G. and I

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Andrew said...

While we have temperatures higher than that, temperatures in the 30s are even very uncomfortable for us. But then we go from an air conditioned house, to an air conditioned car or public transport to a air conditioned workplace or shops, cafes, nearly everywhere now.

Ann said...

I love your cartoons!!! I'm sorry about the heat. Living in the U.S. southeast, we know all about heat. And humidity. . .!!!

Barbara H. said...

I heard about the attack and wondered if it was near you. Glad no one was hurt in it. People are just crazy these days. We could not survive without AC in the summers here. Hope it cools off for you soon.

Crimson Kettle said...

It has been so hot but at least it's much cooler now. 😊

Mara said...

Send us some of your heat! Here we have been stuck in the low teens and a lot of rain. I could do with some better weather.

Susan said...

It was tragic to hear about the attack in your country. I thought about you when I heard the news.

So glad you've found several cool places (stores, car and painting class). I hope the heat wave breaks soon.

That was funny about your phone chirping and folks are looking for the bird!

Have a great week.

Tricky Wolf said...

It is unbearably hot here also, and likewise we complain it is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer haha If only it could be spring and autumn all year round it would be lovely
Thanks for joining in with Five on Friday this week, hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Loree said...

Strangely enough it was cool here while you were having your heat-wave but I think the heat has moved south now as it is getting very hot. But thankfully we leave for the US on Thursday and there they have AC everywhere so I can escape from the heat for a while.
I saw you asked for my email. It is: stories.scribbles@gmail.com
Enjoy your week and hope it is not too hot.

Tamago said...

It's hot here, too, but this weekend was not so bad. We enjoyed some rain and cool morning. Hopefully you will have break from the heat!

Willow said...

I know it has been hot in so many places. I shall not bore you with my nearly perfect temperatures this weekend.
When I read about that terrorist, I immediately thought of you and was glad he was caught before he could hurt others!
Here's hoping for cooler weather for you this week!

Bee Lady said...

Sounds like our weather. It was extremely hot a couple of weeks ago and now, I have jeans and a sweater on! I remember living in an upstairs apartment with no air conditioning and my ear would sweat when I talked on the phone! So glad those days are over. Stay cool! Cindy Bee

Susanne said...

I don't mind hot when I'm by a lake or a pool but generally heat waves and I don't get along either. They make me tired and unmotivated. Hope you find a week filled with some coolness.