14 Apr 2017


1. Finished the days where you could sit outside, we are back to winter and had to scrabble inside ! Our heads were smoking so much did we think to find words which bring the most of points. At the beginning I always looked for long words which brought little points now the penny dropped and even if I only place one letter and get more points I do it. Result for the first time I won !

our scrabbble board is a special one for half blind people, with huge letters. This suits everybody because they all need glasses to read, except me, I have to take the glasses off because I am shortsighted !

2. My oldest neighbor Vivi since 1975 had lost first her cat and then her dog one month later and she was in a terrible state. On top of that she is not allowed to drive anymore because even with the shots in her eyes she doesn't see enough anymore to be able to drive. It would be too dangerous.

Being prisoner in your own house is not very good especially when you were used to often go out. Her daughter who lives with her and takes care of her decided to take another dog, not a young one but an older one and she found this cute dog a little female 5 years old which was found on the street and brought to the shelter.

I crossed the street to see the new family member, which is very cute.  They called her "Fripouille" which means "Scoundrel" but in a nice way and now Vivi is happy, at least she has a companion and can walk outside with her.  She is far bigger as she looks on the picture and is not a pure breed neither.

3 After shopping I thought I will have a drink at the Waterloo Lion, to see if there were many tourists climbing up the hill. The sun had come out and I could sit on outside.

There was a group of Russians and some other nationalities, ever since the renovation of the site for the bicentenary in 2015, where all old restaurant and houses were shaved away, it looks rather empty and Napoleon is not very pleased. I saw a tent for probably a show on weekends to attract tourists and payed 4 Euros (4,30 $)  for a beer which a year ago costed half the price !

4. My friend Nicole had asked me to come with her to the Waterloo Bowling. She wanted to celebrate her 78th birthday not the traditional way but a little different. She wanted to book a bowling party  for her son and daughter plus partners and the 3 adult grandchildren and as she lives nearby afterwards the traditional cake at home. I found that a great idea and we met at the bowling

Despite the sunny (but cool) afternoon there were quite a lot of people playing.

There was also a Mini Golf for children, which she wanted to show me for my grandson. It was real scary in there, dark and full with monsters and everything what little once like today ! The children all wore fluorescent jackets, so that you could see them.There was a group of 6 to 8 year old kids playing, and had a lot of fun.

5. As desert for Mr. G's birthday I had bought a chocolate cake which was made out of
little bunnies.

They were like a mousse and declicious.

For Easter my cleaning lady had crocheted this beautiful bed cover, which Rosie had to try out of course and a little nest sweets in the red Bunny and a chocolate chicken ! We really were spoiled !

For the first time in my life the lillies of of the valley are blooming in April !! Normally they always bloom beginning of May and it is the use to offer a lilly of the valley for the 1st. of my. But this year I could offer a little bouquet to Ilona's mother for Easter ! She is 90 and couldn't remember either that this ever happened !

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Mara said...

That mini-golf course sounds fantastic. I wouldn't mind playing there, even though I am a bit over the 6-8 year range.

That little doggie looks very cute.

The History Anorak said...

I adore lily of the valley. I've not seen even leaves here yet. How wonderful to have them so early.

Andrew said...

Vivi should have thought about her old age and where to live when she could no longer drive. Why don't people prepare a bit for their old age? Ok, like my mother, she has lived in the same place for a long time. My point is when you are 60, don't move to an area that does not have good medical services or good public transport.

You are cheating in Scrabble. You are using foreign words!!!???

The dog looks lovely. So cute, and Rosie is a nice colour contrast to the quilt.

Lily of Valley grows well here and of course, the scent is divine.

Fun60 said...

Congratulations on your scrabble win. The dog looks a real cutie and the perfect companion for your neighbour.

Sharon Koole said...

Sorry the weather has cooled and you're back inside. Hopefully it will warm up and you can be back outside. The scrabble looks like a great get-together. It's always fun to hear your stories of that day. Glad your friend was able to get a new dog and she gave an unwanted pet a forever home.

Happy Five on Friday

AnnieOBTextiles said...

It is lovely that your friend decided to go bowling on her 78th Birthday. I expect you all had lots of fun and something all ages could enjoy. The lily of the valley are beautiful and such a treat early for Easter. Have a lovely holiday.

Mac n' Janet said...

Glad your friend has a new pet, it's so sad when one of ours dies.
What fun to go bowling, haven't been in years. Really like your Bunny Cake.
Happy Easter!!!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I found your post so very interesting and amusing. We are close to 70 and bowled for the first time in ages this year. Good for your friend to celebrate her birthday that way. Thanks for the entertaining post.

A Colorful World said...

Love the scrabble board! Poor Vivvi losing her cat and dog and not being able to drive anymore. There are so many trials in life. I'm glad she has good friends like you. Loved your beautiful decorations! Hope you have a very special Easter!

Sally said...

Now I have a feeling that's I'd like to try bowling again. I was never very good, but it was fun. The blanket your friend made is very pretty and colorful.

Have a blessed Easter!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hadn't heard of that special" large print" Scrabble board...that's a good deal. Yep, you've discovered the secret of winning now, your friends better watch out.

Barbara H. said...

I'd love a big Scrabble board like that. But I do like mine - it rotates so the person whose turn it is can turn it and not have to look at it upside down.

That's sad to lose two pets so close together, and hard not to be able to drive any more. I'm glad she has friends to help her out and a new pet, an older one who would be calmer than a puppy.

I enjoy bowling though I am not very good at it - it's still fun. Sounds like a great birthday.

Happy birthday to Mr. G!

Willow said...

All that rain has helped the lilies of the valley bloom--a good thing about rain!
That new dog is cute. I hope she cheers up your friend.

Tricky Wolf said...

wow that monster looks brilliant!

Thanks for joining in this week with Five on Friday, hope you had a great Bank Holiday Weekend :)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

lillies of of the valley are so pretty, Is it the weather is warmer?

Wandering Wren said...

Hey, I remember visiting there with you! Happy Days at the Waterloo. That new dog looks like he would do wonders to cheer everyone up.
Have a great week
Wren x

Susanne said...

I love those Lily of the Valley. One of my favorite little flowers. That dog is adorable. Those little Yorkies are worth a lot of money here. It was very nice of her to adopt a dog that wasn't a puppy. Good on you for changing your Scrabble strategy and garnering a win!