21 Apr 2016


When I was in the south of France, staying with my friend Claudie, her daughter Anna was pregnant but still had at least a month to go. It brought back memories to me. Like her from behind you didn't see anything but in front we both had a big belly as if we had swallowed a football (soccer), although her belly looked more like a big beach ball.

While I was fit like a fish in the water and full of energy, she was very sick during nearly the whole pregnancy except the last month and lost a lot of weight because she couldn't eat anything.

And how times have changed ! When I was pregnant in the 70th, you had to hide your belly and wear special pregnancy clothes which mostly looked like tents. Today women show there bellies and at the beach don't hesitate to let the baby in the belly take a sunbath !

A very posh colleague of mine had given me all her pregnancy clothes and they were just wonderful all very expensive brands, even a silk long evening cloth. The whole outfits must have cost a fortune and she just gave it to me, and was happy to get rid of them.

I still was slim, although nearly end of the 5th month. Each day I watched if my belly grew, because I wanted so much to wear these beautiful clothes. But nothing. I had to wait until the 6th month before I finally could start to wear some of them. That lightened my mood even more and I wanted to go out and show my new feathers, fortunately I was still working and everybody could admire my beautiful pregnancy dresses.

All these memories came back when I sat besides her and saw her belly moving. One evening I really got a shock, suddenly little Alice inside gave her mother such a kick, that I thought now the belly will explode and she will just jump out. Fortunately it didn't happen and I had to laugh about myself because I had already thought what to do, if I should run for hot water and towels or call and ambulance !

Modern pregnancy

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Andrew said...

But what do you do with the hot water and towels. No one ever says.

Jo said...

I also always wonder, why rush for hot water and towels! I experienced the same pregnancy in the 70's. You covered your belly with maternity clothes.

Linens and Royals said...

I am happy times have changed since I made my own maternity dresses. Always a bit tent like with a large ribbon bow sitting on my huge bump. This was of course to draw attention away from what was under the large bow. I gave up work when I married and did not work outside the home again for many years. That was Australia in those days.

Tamago said...

I'm more familiar with tent like maternity clothes. I hear letting baby in belly listen to music is good - I imagine taking sunbath may have positive effect, too :-)

Loree said...

Thankfully I wasn't sick during my pregnancy either. It is always a blessing when you are healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Ecl Tan said...

I was so sick during my pregnancy that I had to be admitted to hospital twice and put on drips.

My maternity clothes were tent like too.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That's funny -- we never forget those times do we? (Of course I tend to get my 4 mixed up, but yeah, some of those memories very similar (from an even earlier time, my youngest was born in 63) -- I wore skirts with a hole in the belly covered by a long smock, yikes! I remember one very old lady telling me, though, that she couldn't even go out of the house after she started to show. Way back then, she said, people weren't supposed to have to see pregnant ladies. Thank Goddess we've come a long ways.