23 Mar 2016


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Yesterday it had been a horror day in Brussels. You certainly have seen this terrorist attack on TV.

I too saw what happened the whole day in direct on TV. My friend Ilona unfortunately had to go to a Hospital in Brussels for a check up when the attacks had happened. She was stuck. She called me from a café, if I could pick her up, no bus, no train no public transport at all. Unfortunately I was blocked too, I couldn't help her as all streets to Brussels were closed and nobody was allowed to go into the city.

The poor girl walked for 2 1/2 h towards her home and then called her daughter to pick her up in a café when she had got out of the closed off zone. She told me that when sitting in the little café besides the hospital she saw countless ambulances arriving. It was scaring.

Nicole's granddaughter works for Coca Cola. As it is an American company the employees were asked not to leave the building. The whole area there around was also closed. She said that it had been a terrible day full of fear. To get home by car was very difficult, traffic jams everywhere.

That's all I have heard so far, but I haven't met people yet who work in Brussels.


  1. Woke this morning to the awful news about Brussels and a lot has been shown on the news. I am so sorry, I live in such a peaceful place it is hard for me to understand such terror and the effect it must have on everyone.
    At least Arthur is free from such stress as he makes himself comfortable in the back of the car. For the residents and workers in Brussels life will be harder for a very long time.

  2. Hi Gattina - I'm glad Ilona got home ... albeit after a long walk. It's just very sad and so terrible for families with people injured or worse who have died ...

    With thoughts - Hilary

  3. It was a horrible day for Brussels and the Belgians. To see all the wounded innocent people and the destructions was a horror. Glad your friend Ilona made it in the end to come home safe.

  4. I just can't understand violence. I'm sad for Brussels.


  5. Hullo Gattina - This is my first visit to your blog. I had read your comment on Marianne's blog and followed the comment to your Blog. I am so saddened to hear this news yesterday and think about the families, friends, all the people who were injured and loss of life. It is terrible indeed to do such an act of violence. It was tragic and terrifying for all involved, even those that were near and far away. Here in my small town in Atlantic Canada, we send heartfelt sympathy to the people. I do not understand how anyone could be so cruel. I am glad your friend made it home safe. I shall come back and visit you. Take Care. Lilly

  6. Mama making a bed for her baby?
    The news is SO HORRIBLE.

  7. It was a horrible, very sad day. My heart goes out to all the innocent people who were affected..

  8. Is that Arthur in the car? Yes, what happened is horrible and I hope all this madness stops soon.

  9. Poor Ilona, I can imagine her fear and her long walk. When NYC had 9/11 many people had to walk out of the city to their homes, far away. The bridges were full, not of cars, but of masses of people.
    I continue to pray for all of your friends and countrymen.

  10. Hi Gattina
    So horrible to watch all the breaking and now continuing news on Brussels. Sending lots of love to all my friends in Belgium.
    Wren x

  11. So sorry to hear of the awful attack on Brussels. So glad you were not in the city or worse at the airport. How scary for Iona and Nicole. So sad for all the innocent people killed and hurt.


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